Last Thursday, Neshoba Central's bowling team phone-in competition with Olive Branch ended with the boys splitting 3-3.

Olive Branch does not have a girls team so the Rocket girls had an extra practice. The Rockets' next match is a phone-in with Pontotoc Thursday at 4 p.m. Good luck and good bowling.

Sunday proved to be a great first day of this second 12-week session for the Youth League. There are 33 bowlers in the Senior (12-18yrs) league and 4 in the Junior (7-11yrs) league. All returning bowlers were happy to be back and new bowlers were anxious to get started. There is still time and availability for any youth who wish to join this super group of kids.

Featured this week is the Thursday Adult League team 10 Pin Train Wreck with Gary "Big Dawg" Sumpter, wife Tina, Harold Dennis, and me, Lisa Stanfill.

Gary began bowling as a youngster in Indiana with his family. He joined the youth league, leagues while in the Air Force, leagues in Las Vegas, NV, Ocean Springs, MS, and here. He enjoys bowling for the competition, the challenge to improve, and being in a sport in which a disabled veteran can participate. Gary has been a great asset to Depot Bowling as their general manager since it opened. He enjoys helping any and all of those that want to learn the sport.

Tina works for Bella Luna Jewelers at the Silver Star Casino. She and Gary have been married for 28 years. She began bowling because it was a sport they could do together. Besides the league bowling, Tina is the secretary of the Thursday Adult League, competes in tournaments, and is a member of the Depot Dollies on the Ladies Travel League. The camaraderie, getting involved in the community and the clean adult entertainment is why she likes bowling. Having lived here for 10 years, Tina believes Depot Bowling is "the best thing to happen to Philadelphia."

Harold is retired from Union, Texas. He learned to bowl in 1962 while in the Air Force in Bein Guere, Morroco. Upon leaving North Africa, he carried a 195 average. It has since lowered but his "71 year young" spirit for the game remains high despite his bout with cancer and treatment last year. "Bowling kept me from being depressed," Mr. Harold said when asked what he likes about bowling. He likes meeting new and friendly people but they are the lucky ones to meet him.

Lisa also began bowling at a very young age because of her parents. It is a fond childhood memory. I was active in youth leagues in Michigan and Wyoming, and bowled on a ladies league at Spangdahlem AFB, Germany, an adult league in Tennessee, and now the adult league here. The love of the sport and everything it entails is why I bowl. I have passed this passion for bowling onto my daughters, Marissa and Samantha. I helped to bring a youth league to Depot Bowling and encouraged the high schools to include the sport. I try to inform everyone I meet about this great sport and the fun involved.

Leagues are just getting started. Call 601-656-0770 or stop by Depot Bowling for more information.

Here are the results from week 18 of the Thursday Night Adult League.


1) Late Comers 8-0

2) Will Strike 7-1

3) That's How We Roll 6-2

4) Bowlerettes 6-2

5) Krystal Steamers 6-2

6) Big Dogs 5-3

7) Alley Rats 5-3

8) Hot Dogs 4-4

9) Turkey Hunters 44

10) Mover and Shakers 4-4

11) Bowling Stones 4-4

12) Split Happens 3-5

13) Gutter-R-Us 2-5

14) A Team 2-6

15) 10-Pin Train Wreck 1-6

16) Thunder Struck 1-7

17) 10 Penn 0-8

Team Highs

Scratch Game: 1) Will Strike 697; 2) Big Dogs 692; 3) Hot Dogs 667.

Scratch Series: 1) Big Dogs 2027; 2) Will Strike 2014; 3) Split Happens 1970.

Handicap Game: 1) Will Strike 835; 2) Late Comers 829; 3) Alley Cats 808.

Handicap Series: 1) Will Strike 2428; 2) Alley Rats 2357; 3) Mover and Shakers 2357.


Scratch Game: 1) Nick Headley 245; 2) Jimbob Winstead Jr. 242; 3) Paul Leuthold 236.

Scratch Series: 1) Paul Leuthold 647; 2) Wolf Gaines 629; 3) Nick Headley 622.

Handicap Game: 1) Jimbob Winstead Jr. 274; 2) Mitch Williams 266, 3) Jeremy Bell, Nick Headley 253.

Handicap Series: 1) Mitch Williams 682; 2) Jeremy Bell 672; 3) Paul Leuthold 668.


Scratch Game: 1) Leanne Deweese 213; 2) Janice Belk 200; 3) Tina Sumpter 175.

Scratch Series: 1) Leanne Deweese 562; 2) Janice Belk 542; 3) Tina Sumpter 516.

Handicap Game: 1) Janice Belk 244; 2) Tanya Watkins 226; 3) Leanne Deweese 222.

Handicap Series: 1) Janice Belk 674; 2) Tina Sumpter 612; 3) Tanya Watkins 601.