The month of November brings a theme of gratitude as we move toward Thanksgiving. Over the years, the Philadelphia-Neshoba County Public Library has been able to count a lot of blessings. We always like to show our appreciation through enhanced services with new books, programs and events.

This November won’t be much different, except for maybe a couple dozen little guests.

All month, new Large Print books will be appearing in the collection. Large Print is an excellent format for readers wanting a text that’s easier on the eyes. In these upcoming months where there’s less daylight, larger text tends to be a preferred size for checkouts.

November 14th has been on our calendar for a while, simply marked, “Hatching Day.” Through a partnership with the Neshoba County Extension Service, the library is borrowing an incubator and hatching 24 eggs in the first half of the month. Thanks to the expertise of County Extension Agent, Austin Ainsworth, the library will be able to provide this educational experience in a central location for any who are curious about hatching chickens.

The incubator will be enclosed and visible in the Children’s Area everyday during operating hours and several cameras are being employed to livestream the incubation. The eggs will be available to watch in continuous 24-hour coverage on The Neshoba Channel, a new livestream experiment on Facebook, Youtube and the Library webpage.

While the newly hatched chickens won’t likely be participants in any library programming, more events will be available throughout the month.

Would you like to learn a new game? We were looking at the library the other day and realized one of the great things about the current setup is how comfortable it is to sit and play a board game in one of the booths. Our new Game of the Month series will begin on November 7th with two seatings at 10 a.m. or 4 p.m. A new game will be featured every month with the hopes that a few of these games will spin off into regularly meeting clubs.

This month’s game is Sequence, a great board game for 2-12 players as either individuals or teams. Essentially the game has some kinship with canasta and rummy, with a primary focus on collecting predetermined amounts of 5-card sequences. Come see us at either of the November 7th sessions to learn more.

We’ll see Library Gourmet return at 5:30 p.m on November 19th to feature baking recipes, just in time for any last second Thanksgiving Dinner planning.

This program is open to anyone interested in seeing a few different dishes with tastings for each. As always, it’s a great opportunity to socialize and share ideas over some great culinary creations.

Finally, the Library will show a film in the park at 5:30 p.m. on November 29th, also known as Black Friday.

We’ll begin polling on our Facebook page to see which movie folks want to see. Be sure to weigh in if you’d like to attend this free event.

As we move toward December, we’ll get more information out about our sixth annual “A Very Library Christmas” event on December 7th. Once again, this event will host the Neshoba Artists Showcase, visits from Santa, and some fun new features as well. The Bacon and Grilled Cheese 5k fundraiser will also be held that morning, so be sure to check out or stop in for more information.