St. Francis Episcopal Church held its Sunday service at the Neshoba County Fair Ground in Pat Thomasson's Fair cabin on the morning of July 15th.  The Reverend Charlie Deaton conducted the Eucharistic service.

It was a really lovely worship service in the cabin on the Square.  Reverend Deaton played his guitar for the singing of the hymns which added such a nice touch.  After the service, friends and guests joined the congregation for a potluck lunch on the Square.  It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed eating the over abundance of food and visiting together!


A Golden Wedding Anniversary is a shining event in a couple's life because it denotes fifty years of marriage which is a remarkable event.  Half a century of living with the same person and sharing all of the good times and the hard times together is no easy feat.  William and Kay Hamill recently celebrated their Fiftieth Anniversary with a family dinner party given in their honor by their three sons, Graham, Wes, and Doug. William's sister, Alice Rowe, coordinated the event since the siblings live out of the state.

The dinner was held at The Market Café in Louisville on Saturday evening July 14.  According to Alice, it was a lovely affair complete with beautiful floral arrangements, lovely table settings, and champagne toasts to the couple. The staff was very accommodating and easy to work with. They had everything to make it a perfect setting.  

As a surprise, Alice Rowe, William's sister, Kay's sister, Jamie Rebentisch, and her brother, Bill Williams, gave Kay and William a trip to The White House on the coast. Kay brought her wedding album which was passed around and everyone enjoyed looking through it and telling wedding tales. It was a memorable evening with all of the family together.

Those attending were the honorees, Kay and William Hamill, their oldest son, Graham and his wife, Kali with their oldest son, William from Stafford, Virginia; their son, Wes Hamill, from Pensacola Florida; their son Doug and his wife, Julie, and their six children: Andrew, Stephen, Matthew, Jonathan, Josie, and Katherine from Chatanooga, Tennessee.  William's sister Alice Rowe of Philadelphia, Kay's sister, Jamie Rebentisch, from Tupelo, Mississippi, Kay's brother, Bill Williams from Winona, Mississippi, and his friend, Frances Defenbaugh, from Greenwood also attended.


Some birthday presents are worth waiting for.  Webb Anthony's third birthday was June 18th, but he received a late birthday present from his grandparents, Ike and Carla Cox Martin,. which was a trip to see the Blue Angels perform!  He was thrilled.  

His parents, Meaghan and Brent Anthony of Brandon, and his grandparents stayed at the Margaritaville Resort in Biloxi which is a kid's paradise.  It has a pool that includes a lazy river with slides and a kids' splash pad.  There is also an unbelievable arcade. They ate at the famous Mary Mahoney's and Le Café Beignet. Another highlight was running into Mississippi State's new football coach, Coach Moorhead.  It was mostly Webb's weekend and he had a wonderful time.

Webb's four month old baby brother, Wynn, stayed in Brandon with his grandparents, Jeff and Diane Anthony, who decided to stay home and take care of him since it was so hot.  This was much appreciated by Meaghan and Brent as well as Carla and Ike. Wynn probably enjoyed himself, too!


Tina Brown is so proud of her daughter, Christina Marie Colunga, who passed her nursing board exam, the NCLEX in Texas and is now a full- fledged Registered Nurse.  Christina graduated on May 9th with honors from South Texas College in McAllen, Texas. She took her board exams and heard this week that she had passed. She lives in McAllen with her four year old son. She not only graduated with honors, but also a four year old child which is no easy thing to do.  Congratulations!


Phyllis Boler loves to travel and her family loves to take her along on their vacations.  Earlier in the summer, she went to the beach with some of her family and thoroughly enjoyed herself.  Her latest trip was all of the way to New York City!  She had always wanted to visit there and when her granddaughter, Jagaye Spivey and her husband, James Spivey, invited her to come along with them, she eagerly accepted their invitation. The group included the Spivey's two children, Jack and Jordan Spivey and James's mother, Josephine Spivey.  

They left from Huntsville, Alabama, and traveled to Virginia where they spent two nights with family catching up on news.  The next stop was New York City.  It was an amazing experience for all of them.  They toured the sights of the City, including the Empire State Building's observation deck on the super fast elevator; Central Park; the Statue of Liberty; Macy's Department Store; and the 9\11 Memorial as well as many other sights.  There was so much to see and do!  It was exciting to just be in one of the most famous cities in the nation surrounded by skyscrapers, people, bright lights, and traffic.

After cramming in as many activities as they could, it was time to pack up and head back to Mississippi.  This time they drove to Riverdale, Georgia, where they spent time with Phyllis's daughter.  As Phyllis said, "She was glad to go, but ready to come home."  She is ready for another trip whenever!


A cute little red haired boy came from Newnan, Georgia to visit his Mississippi grandparents, Sam and June Nowell, in Philadelphia recently.  Tucker Nowell loves to visit his Philadelphia family because they always plan such fun things to do.  His grandfather, Sam, loves to fish, and so does Tucker.  Sam took him to his special spot on the river where they both fished.  Tucker caught a chinquapin to start, then a bass, and then a whole string of nice sized fish.  They also rode Sam's four wheeler down by the river where it was so pleasant for a little boy to drive!

One of the highlights of his visit was a trip to Jackson to the Natural Science Museum which had a traveling exhibit on display, "Ripley's Believe It or Not".  There were all kinds of fascinating items to see including a man who was over 8 feet tall, a gigantic arm chair which looked as though it was made for a giant; a white chicken with four legs, two normal ones, and two back legs that were abnormally placed; They also looked at the fascinating exhibits in the Museums permanent collection with alligators in a neat habitat display with water and a big rock for sunbathing!  They also spent the night in the Delta to visit Sam's Dove Club.

 Tucker's parents are Paige and Ty Nowell of Newnan, Georgia.  His sister, Katie Jo, spent a week earlier in the month of July with Sam and June.  Both of them always have a good time, and Sam and June enjoy borrowing them!