The JOY(Just Older Youth) group from East Philadelphia Baptists Church take the months of June, July, and August off each year for a much needed rest.  They start back again in September, al rested and ready to do what they do best, eat, sing at three different nursing homes each month, and, of course, travel.  They have planned to load up in their bus and head for Branson, Missouri, October 1-4.  The group has never traveled to Branson together as a group and are very eager and excited about the trip~  They are also looking forward to meeting for their luscious lunches that they share at each meeting. What fun this group has!


Six members from Trinity Baptist Church along with two chaperones attended "Heart Song" which is a Christian Performing Arts Camp for students who have completed the seventh through the twelfth grades.  This year it was held at Southwest Community College in Summit, Mississippi.

During the camp, the students learn to share God's word through performing arts such as voice, dance, sign language, musical instruments, drama, and art.  The theme for the week was "Speak Life". .All of these talented kids did a wonderful job of bringing the message of what "Speak Life" means on the final night when they performed for an audience of parents, grandparents, and friends.  Next year:"Heart Song" will be held at William Carey Community College in Hattiesburg.   

Those from Philadelphia who participated in this event were Posey Palmer, Maggie Lee Griffis, Emily Duran, Marlee Thomas, and Addison Nowell.  Their charming chaperones were Kinsey Goldman, who was also on the staff as choir director, and Donita Stephens.


A birthday spent at the beach was a very happy one for June Nowell whose husband, Sam Nowell, gave her a trip to The Beach Club for her birthday on June 25.  The beach is June's happy place, so she really had a happy birthday!

They spent her pre birthday evening at the Lawn at the Beach Club. It was so much fun!  On her birthday the couple dined at The Coast outdoors under the gorgeous almost full moon.  It was a beautiful evening. They enjoyed exploring the area around the Beach Club.  There were many fun events happening. Both Sam and June agree that the Beach Club is a lovely place to visit.  It offers anything one might want to do.   The restaurants are great and there is a beautiful beach.  The sunset on their last night was one of the prettiest June had ever seen.  They watched the moon come up and the sun set at the same time!  A ferry boat ride across Mobile Bay to start their trip home was another fun experience.  June thought it was a good birthday trip!


Congratulations to Wendell and Florine Holmes, Sr. who celebrated 41 years of marriage on July 2nd.  They are the parents of four children, all of whom are married.  Wendell Homes, Jr. was the last of their children to marry.  He and Kia Dior Edwards were married in May in Atlanta, Georgia, in a beautiful ceremony with all of the Holmes family attending.  Florine said it was a great Mother's Day present to have a new daughter-in-law as part of their family.