Wearing a long white christening gown and matching baby bonnet, tiny Stanford Scott Winstead was baptized during the 10:30 morning mass at Holy Cross Catholic Church.  Father Augustine Palimattam, Pastor, performed the Sacrament of Baptism.  Stanford is the son os Jeffery and Emilee Winstead.  Godparents are Garry "Red" Myers and Any Peasgood.  Family and friends joined the congregation in welcoming Stanford Scott as a member of the Catholic Church.


A Golden Wedding Anniversary is a very special event that marks fifty years of marriage.  For this reason, it is called a "Golden Anniversary".  Mike and Glenda McKee Skinner recently celebrated theirs with friends and family at the Party Barn on Sunday, June 24th.

The celebration was hosted by the couple's children, Scott and Angie Skinner, Kristi and Jay McCown, with the help of Glenda's mother, Bonnie McKee, Mike's mother, Mazell Skinner, his sister, Alice Nelson and friends, Marcy Roberts, Barbara Willis, Madonna Goldman, and Pam Hardy.

Guests enjoyed serving themselves from a wide variety of delectable finger food that was placed on a long serving bar which had wedding pictures of pictures of Glenda and Mike displayed on easels among the beautifully arranged trays of food as well as pictures of their family..  Two fantastic cakes made of several graduated layers and iced in white frosting with the number 50 on top of each made lovely desserts..  One had a gold 50 and the other one a crystal number 50.  Another cake was a round layer cake frosted in white with a facsimile of a yellow greeting card covering the top layer saying, "Celebrating 50 Golden Years Together."  Clear beverage containers held three choices of cold punch from which guests could fill their own cups.

Glenda and Mike appreciated all of their friends who came to help them celebrate this joyous occasion.  They also wish to thank Marcy Roberts for her awesome photography job!


June is a month of birthdays!  June Nowell and her daughter, Meredith Nowell Boston both have June birthdays which they celebrated together before their actual birthdays.  Sam Nowell gave June and Meredith a very exciting gift.  He gave them a weekend at the Alluvian Hotel and cooking lessons at the Viking Cooking School.

What fun they had learning how to make a wonderful catfish dish with catfish from the Heartland Catfish Company.  This company has Philadelphia ties since Jonathan Mills is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  His wife's family established the company in 1964 and it has been family owned and operated since then.  The catfish was delicious and the cooking school instructor was very complimentary of the quality of fish according to June.

They also learned to make tamales which were wrapped in dried corn husks that had been soaked in water to make them pliable.  The masa or cornmeal mixture was spread on the cornhusks and the filling went over the cornmeal base.  The tamales wee then folded up like a pocket and the top was tied with a piece of husk.  They were then placed standing up in a big pot filled with a small amount of water. Two cups were placed in the center of the pot to keep the tamales standing upright while they gently steamed in the simmering water.  This method brought back memories of tamale making in New Mexico as a child.  They were a Christmas tradition in many homes.  My mother, who was a very adventurous cook, learned how to make them and we were all pressed into helping!

They also made new friends who shared their stories.  June found it amazing how much they had in common.  June and Meredith thoroughly enjoyed their gift of Delta Dinner and Blues and a night at the Alluvian Hotel.  It was such fun that the mother-daughter duo would like to do it again!   Sam's gift was much appreciated.


A group of youth from Holy Cross Catholic Church traveled to Steubenville to attend a youth rally at Steubenville on the Bayou.  They had an amazing time learning more about their faith and making new friends in a fun atmosphere.  There were many activities for them to participate in.  The adults who accompanied the group were Emily Moan, Misty and Jason Holland, and Father Augustine.

The members of the youth group attending were Emily Berry, Natalia Euyoque, Sofia Euyoque, Mary Kate Moran, Ashley Nguyen, Wilson Jackson, Sam Knight, Aaron Le, and Eli Moran.  The group thanks everyone for their support and prayers!!