Holy Cross Catholic Church was the setting for the Baptism of precious Micah Anthony Fieber at 2 in the afternoon on Palm Sunday, April 9.  Micah's parents are Timothy and Susanna Pace Fieber.  Father Augustine Palimattam, Pastor, performed the ceremony.  Grandparents are Tony and Janice Branning Fieber, and Mike and Teresa Pace of Philadelphia.  


The nursing staff from Neshoba General Hospital and Nursing Home honored their coworker, Hailey Smith Jones, with a baby shower in the staff room recently.  The event was planned by Heidi Starks, Jennifer Phillips, Jessica Pickering, and Emily Shepard.  

Since the new baby is a boy, turquoise blue was the color used for the plates, napkins, and forks.  Even the long buffet chest was a pretty shade of teal blue with silver handles underneath a painting that complimented the color.  A charming cake made entirely of cupcakes connected by a layer of white frosting edged in navy blue icing covered the top.  A figure of a woman holding an umbrella in the midst of a shower of hearts was centered on the cake.  The words, “Mom to Be!”, were written in turquoise icing on the right side, and the phrase, “It's a Boy,” was written in navy blue icing on the lower left corner.  It was surrounded by individual cupcakes iced in turquoise blue frosting to resemble flowers.   A fruit tray and dip, colorful veggies with a dip, and cookies, were among the goodies brought by members of the nursing staff.  

Hailey received many wonderful gifts for Kooper Hunt which she greatly appreciated.  Her excitement and enthusiasm as she opened each one brought smiles and laughter from the guests.  One of the cutest items was a little white knitted shirt with the rhyme, “Rifles, Racks and Deer Tracks, that's what little boys are made of!”  Sounds so much better than the "snips and snails, and puppy dog tails," that I heard as a child.  Joy Buchanan monogrammed several items including one with a pair of brown deer antlers with KHJ centered between the antlers in blue thread.  It was so thoughtful of her working buddies to shower her with gifts.


Mississippi State's annual Super Bulldog Weekend was held April 8th and 9th at Dudy Noble Field in Starkville with all types of activities including a football game with the Bulldogs playing as a culmination of spring practice.  Precious Poppy Breland, a Bulldog pup for the day, attended her first Bulldog football game with her parents, Jacob and Jamie Lee Breland.

Dressed in maroon and white with a coordinating hair bow, and waving a stick pompom of maroon and white ribbons, she made a great little cheerleader.  She also enjoyed the stadium, including climbing up and down as many benches as possible, eating junk food,  playing in the Jump House, and waving to Bully.  She and her daddy stood in line to have their picture taken with him, but when it was their turn, Poppy wasn't having any of it! That Bulldog is huge up close.

Poppy has also seen the Lady Bulldogs play basketball in a game before the Final Four, and a Bulldog baseball game.  In just two months she has been to a basketball game, baseball game, and a football game! That maroon and white blood is starting to run through her veins, thanks to her daddy.  There is also a mixture of LSU purple and gold blood too, since her mother is an LSU alum. She is teaching Poppy to yell “Geaux Tigers!”


Each year Neshoba Central Elementary School selects two outstanding students, one girl and one boy, as Mr. and Miss Neshoba Central Elementary School.  It is a great honor to be chosen and there are many candidates who are considered for it.

This year, Jaci Willis was selected as Miss NCES.  She is an A student and has been on the honor roll. Jaci exemplifies the characteristics necessary for this honor in all areas of her school participation.  Her proud parents are Jason and Crystal Cooley Willis.

Sanders Grifiss was chosen as Mr. NCES for this year.  He is an exemplary student who displays the qualities essential for this honor.  He is outstanding scholastically and personally. His proud parents are Wright and Leslie Sanders Griffis.