St. Lucia, a slice of Paradise in the East Caribbean, was the spring vacation destination for Woody and Elisa Reed and their daughter, Amy Reed Eubanks, and her son, Reed Eubanks, and their son and daughter-in-law, Jason and Moe Reed. They stayed in a private villa with a porch overlooking their own private beach.  Reed asked his Pawpaw to buy the house for them!

What an amazing vacation they had!  The weather was perfect every day and the entire island was filled with beautiful scenery, glorious sunsets, white sugary beaches, and water of such a perfect shade of blue that it almost looked artificial.  There were many activities to enjoy including snorkeling, boat riding, ocean fishing, beach fun, swimming, and all types of water related events. Amy even found a comfortable hammock to relax in among the beautiful palm trees.

One morning on the beach, Amy and Reed enjoyed drinking coconut milk from green coconuts whose tops had been slashed off with a machete and a straw inserted for an instant refreshing drink!  The family liked eating dinner in the beach restaurant and watching the sunset splash across the sky. It truly was a tropical paradise!  Reed was prepared to move to the island and even figured out a way that they could do this.  He thought they could sell all of their "stuff" to get moving money, and then sell seashells for work!  I like his idea!


During spring break this year, four members of East Philadelphia Baptist Church went on a mission trip to Guatemala.  Rusty and Kristen Parsons accompanied by Laken Winstead and Kristen Cook left by plane on March 11 for Llano Verde, Zacapa, Guatemala.  They spent a week doing missionary work for the Hope of Life, Esvida Organization in this remote location where the Organization operates a mission.  The Hope of Life Foundation uses humanitarian aid efforts as a means to share a practical Gospel to those in physical and spiritual need.

The team carried backpacks each day to an area where they worked with children of all ages, including babies in cribs, and children who were attending Special Education classes in a building for that purpose.  They spent the week feeding the hungry, packing distribution bags, doing construction work, loving on babies, teaching Vacation Bible School, and doing so much more to share the love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They also observed a fish hatchery where the people were being taught to grow their own tilapia. How amazing!

Members of their team went on a rescue mission into the jungle of Guatemala and saved three babies.  They helped transport them from the jungle to the mission hospital where they were checked out by the medical staff.  All three were suffering from malnutrition.  They will be cared for by the mission until they are well.  Without such an intervention, death might have been a tragic result.  

The journey home on March 18th brought four weary, but happy, travelers back to their loving families who greeted them with joy.  What a wonderful way to spend spring break!


Two of Mississippi State's most loyal fans packed their bags and loaded them into the car for the journey to Oklahoma City to watch MSU women's basketball team play for a place in the Final Four in Dallas.  Of course these fans were Maudean Sanders and Genie Hall, who are famous for following their Bulldog teams to watch them play.

They sat in the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City on March 26th and cheered as the Lady Bulldogs beat the Baylor Women's team in an epic game.  They stayed for the post game festivities and watched as the team members and the coaches cut down the net from the goal.  It was a momentous occasion since it is the first time in the history of State's women's basketball to have a team advance to the Final Four Playoffs.  

This year the Final Four was played in Dallas, Texas, and, you guessed it, Maudean and Genie packed their car and headed to Dallas.  They left Oklahoma City and drove to Dallas where they ate dinner at Genie's favorite restaurant, The Rainforest Café, in Grapevine Mills, Texas.  They were going to spend some time touring the Dallas area before the game State played against the University of Connecticut.  They always have fun where ever they go!


Tiny Miss Emma Sellers Richardson made her grand entrance into the world on March 29, 2017, weighing in at 6 pounds and 9 ounces.  Her very proud Philadelphia parents are Justin and Amanda Keene Richardson.  Welcome to our beautiful newest citizen, and congratulations to her parents!


The Fifth Wednesday Bridge Club met on March 29 at the Ruby Yates House.  Hostesses were Evelyn Perry and Alice Rowe.  Guests were served a beverage of their choice accompanied by fantastic homemade cheese straws, as they visited with each other and caught up on news.

David Traywick always does a phenomenal job for us every time we meet at the Ruby Yates House where we have lunch and play an afternoon of bridge.  Today was no exception!  The room was lovely with the round tables covered with deep rose cloths and centerpieces of Easter baskets filled with fresh flowers and faux decorated Easter eggs.  They were so cleverly arranged and added a spring time touch to a beautiful day.  Lunch was a luscious plate of chicken salad and a creamy fruit concoction with pimiento cheese finger sandwiches.  The dessert was served in tall footed glasses and looked amazing.  It was David's own creation of Peach Melba which consisted of pound cake cut into small pieces, a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the cake, a warm peach sauce poured over all of it, and whipped cream finished it off.  He really excels at entertaining and never disappoints!

After finishing this delectable lunch, the tables were cleared and tallies were distributed by Evelyn Perry.  Each person found her table, the cards were shuffled and dealt, and playing began for the afternoon.  Charlene Webb assisted Evelyn in hostess duties since Alice Rowe could not be present on this day.  She and Evelyn planned everything for the occasion, but she could not attend.  The winner with the most points at the end of the day was Joyce Hardy.

Those attending were Babs Kirkland, Billy Greenleaf, Helen Thomasson, Evelyn Perry, Charlene Webb, Rebecca Barnett, Billie Latting, Joyce Hardy, Joyce Dansby, Ray Fleming, Shirley Cox, and Marianne Enochs.  Everyone had a good time even some of us who did not get very good cards!