The home of Sam and June Nowell was full of excitement and activity during the Easter weekend when their children and grandchildren arrived for a visit.

Ty and Paige Nowell along with Tucker and Katie Jo traveled from Newnan, Georgia. This was Katie Jo's first Easter.

From Brandon came Chris and Meredith Nowell Boston and their children, Keelan, Kiera, Klaityn, and Colden. Greg Jackson, June's brother of Philadelphia, joined his great nieces and nephews for the family weekend.

The fun began on Friday with a fishing expedition for the men in the group. Although they did catch some fish, dinner that night was a pizza party instead of a fish fry!

Dying Easter eggs outside on the deck was another traditional activity for the children. Saturday the women went shopping while the men took their turn babysitting the children. They shopped all over Philadelphia and also went to Williams Brothers.

The afternoon was spent with a photographer taking family pictures to preserve the happy holiday weekend forever.

Saturday was Uncle Greg's birthday which was celebrated with a party complete with his favorite dinner, June's homemade lasagna!

The children planted jellybeans before going to sleep and woke up on Easter morning to discover the lollipops that had grown up overnight from the jellybeans. This was truly an amazing event!

A visit from the Easter bunny and an egg hunt were fun for the children. Everyone attended church services dressed in their Easter outfits. The little Boston girls wore identical white dresses for the occasion.

Easter lunch was extra special because the children's beloved "Great Gramps" was a guest. He is Jeffie Jackson, June and Greg's father who came for the day.

After spending more time hunting Easter eggs and riding four wheelers, everyone returned to their homes in Brandon, Georgia, and Philadelphia, tired, but very happy. Sam and June relaxed together on their deck and declared that this was one of the best Easters ever.


Another family gathering took place in Hewitt, Texas, at the home of Patrick and Amy Reed Eubanks. This was very special because not only was it Easter, but also the second birthday of Reed Eubanks, Amy and Patrick's son.

Reed's grandparents from Philadelphia, Woody and Elise Reed, made the trip to join in the festivities. A sports theme was used for the party complete with a cake topped with a baseball diamond and players.

Before he went to bed on Saturday, Reed set out some "bunny bait" to be sure the Easter bunny paid him a visit. He set a cup of jelly beans on a window sill with some of them scattered around it. On Easter morning, he was thrilled to discover that the Easter bunny had taken the bait and left him a basket of goodies!


Imagine relaxing on a beautiful ship filled with entertainment, as well as wonderful food, and being waited upon while it takes you to exciting places!

Bill and Regina Dungan did this when they boarded the ship, Caribbean Princess, in Houston, Texas, and sailed away on a weeklong cruise. They stayed in a luxurious suite with many amenities which added to their traveling pleasure.

The ship stopped in Cozumel, Belize, Raitan, Honduras and Mahogany Bay where they went ashore and explored each port. According to Regina, this was the last sailing for the Caribbean Princess which will go into dry dock to be refurbished and sent to another area which Princess Cruise Line sails.

The Dungans thoroughly enjoyed their short cruise for relaxation and fun.


One of Philadelphia's own, Derek George, a country music song writer and producer as well as a musician recently had the honor of having two songs in the number one spot at the same time! Derek wrote "Drink to That All Night" which was number one on Billboard's list of top hits and he produced "Good Night Kiss" which was in the number one spot on Aircheck.

Derek now lives and works in Nashville, Tenn., with his wife and children. He is the son of Linda George and the late Greg George of Philadelphia. His many friends and family members were so proud and happy for him and his success in his chosen career.


Billie Ruth Latting received an exceptionally wonderful Easter present on Easter in the form of a second great grandson. He is the grandson of Billy Ruth's daughter, Marcia Moody, and has a brother waiting for him to get big enough to play with him. Marcia and her son and daughter-in law live in Denver, Colo.