Madison Hardy's wedding in Nashville, Tenn., was an extra special day for Tom and Shirley Cox. Not only did they attend the wedding, but were met by their grandson, Marshall Cox, of Southaven who attends law school at Vanderbilt University. Marshall took the family on a tour of the law school and had lunch with them. Along with Tom and Shirley Cox were Carla Cox Martin and her son, Isaac, of Philadelphia, Terri Cox McCarver and Tommy McCarver and Meagan Martin Anthony and Brent Anthony of Jackson. Marshall is the son of LeeAnn and Tommy Cox of Southaven.


Billie Ruth Latting had a very special person as a visitor during the last month. Her daughter, Marcia Blount Moody from Denver, Colo., left on Tuesday after spending time with her mother. During her visit, Marcia reconnected with old friends here in Philadelphia where she grew up. Some of her high school classmates gathered together to reminisce and revisit their high school days and catch up on their current lives. She also attended several parties given for the children of old friends who are engaged to be married. Marcia and her mother went to many places in the surrounding area to explore new restaurants, antique shops, and also visited with Billie's friends. She also helped her mother entertain her Wednesday Luncheon Bridge Club. A trip to New Orleans was another exciting adventure for the mother-daughter duo.

Marcia's son and daughter-in-law have one son and another one who is expected to make his appearance in the near future! Since they also live in Denver, she was eager to return home for the joyous event and spend Easter with her grandson.


The Wednesday Luncheon Bridge Club met in the home of April's hostess, Joyce Hardy. The theme was "Easter Bonnet Bridge" and each guest wore her own special hat, decorated with flowers, Easter eggs, and ribbons in lovely spring colors. Evelyn Perry was especially dressed for the occasion, wearing a lovely vintage dress and hat of soft yellow complete with white gloves. The outfit was once worn by Effie Perry, Evelyn's mother-in-law whose timeless selection looked lovely even today!

The dining table, covered with a white linen cloth, was beautifully decorated with tall stemmed glass bubble vases filled with Easter eggs nestled in pale green grass on each end. An assortment of bunnies and eggs were arranged down the table's center. Place cards decorated with jelly bean filled Easter eggs were made by Joyce to mark each guests place at the table. An arrangement of white snowball flowers in a silver wine cooler added to the Easter theme.

After a luscious luncheon followed by a delectable dessert of meringue shells filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, the ladies played bridge. The club keeps a running score and at the end of their bridge season, the highs take the lows to a special out of town treat. The members have been to many exciting and enjoyable places together through the years, and always look forward to this trip. Members present were Shirley Cox, Laura Bryan, Billie Latting, Rachel Evans, Evelyn Perry, and hostess, Joyce Hardy. Guests for the afternoon were Nancy Hardy and Lynn Marshall. Members who were unable to attend were Sarah McKay and Nancy Yates.


Grandchildren are indeed very special to their grandparents who often travel near and far to see them. Lynda Stribling recently returned from visiting her long distance granddaughters, Sky and Shelby Sonnabend, in Arlington Heights, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. Sky and Shelby are the daughters of Marc and Reagan Stribling Sonnabend.

Lynda enjoyed being "Nana" and spent her time doing Nana activities such as reading stories to Shelby's playgroup and meeting her friends. Each child had a special day of one-on-one time with their Nana who picked them up after school on their day and took them shopping and to dinner. This was indeed a special day as they took turns spending time alone with their beloved grandmother.

One of their favorite activities was a trip to the famous Field Museum in Chicago which is one of the largest natural history museums in the world. Sky and Shelby, along with Lynda, liked the dioramas of animal exhibitions featured in Nature Walk which showed mammals of Africa and Asia in their natural habitats. An interesting diorama displayed the infamous Lions of Tsavo featured in the 1996 movie, The Ghost and the Darkness. Another room displayed Sue, the Tyrannasaurus Rex, which is the most complete and best preserved fossil of its kind ever discovered. Needless to say, Lynda and the children were overwhelmed by Sue's gigantic size!

Lynda plans a return trip to Arlington Heights in the near future to attend Sky and Shelby's dance recital. What lucky little girls they are to have such a wonderful grandmother!