Frances Blount Molpus

August 22, 1916 - February 9, 2014

Frances lived life for ninety-seven years as beautifully as she tended her garden. She was Royalty with the warmth and charm of a Southern lady.

"Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow, a vision of hope" - John Parker.


The Olympic Games are referred to as "the coming together of the world", much like Christmas 2013 in the home of Betty and Max Loper. Their daughter, Kara, met Alain Kabore in 2001, while working as a journeyman for the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Alain was employed by the Baptist Mission in Ouagadougou, the capitol city of West Africa. They were married in 2004.

Christmas 2013 Alain's mother, Elizabeth Woba, and his brother, Alfred Kabore, came to America for the very first time, flying in their very first airplane! Yaba, the endearing term for grandmother in Africa, could speak no English, but Alfred, who speaks English fluently, took care of that. On any given Christmas Day in Africa, the temperature would be in the 70-80's. Remember how cold our Christmas was, hovering in the 20's? Elizabeth and Alfred had come from desert country where the thermometer reaches 100-120! Who needs coats. Kara and Alain's family and friends took care of that!

As is tradition in the Loper family, they attended the Christmas Eve service together at First Baptist Church, and then went to Max and Betty's for Christmas dinner. The gathering of twenty-plus included the families of Todd and Tiffany Loper, Dana and Lane Moseley, Abby and Ryan Jenkins, and Kara and Alain Kabore. Very much like Christmas in Africa for Alain who was one of nine children.

"It was a wonderful holiday for all of us," Kara told me. "Jordan, 7, and Kamryn, 2, loved spending time with their Yaba. And like any mother, Elizabeth left with a happy heart knowing that her son was in a safe place, living among people who love him."

"Life, love and laughter - priceless gifts!" - John Parker


Sarah McKay delved into her seasonal decorator's chest, and as hostesses at the February meeting of MandM at First United Methodist Church, she and Bobbie Holley created a Valentine love scene in which Cupid himself would have felt very much at home.

Continuing the love month's program theme, "and the greatest of these is love", Ray and Mary Marshall spoke of God's love as they saw it exemplified by the volunteers who answered the call following the devastation of Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Ray served as Disaster Recovery Leader for twenty-seven months, working under the auspices of The First United Methodist Church Biloxi, of which they were members.

Janice Williamson called the meeting to order and welcomed guests, Barry Irons, Sheila Blount, Miriam Hardy, Ricky Bengs, Norman Cole, and Erma Young. Ben Edwards led the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. The Reverend Fred Britton thanked God for the food and for His abiding love in all circumstances of our lives.

Members present included Shirley and Tom Wallace Cox, Fred Britton, June Mitchell, Pat Fiedler, Bettye and Ben Edwards, Mary and Ray Marshall, Sara Hutchison, Brenda Matthews, Fran Marshall, Pat and Lavelle Woodrick, Jo Lynn Parker, Janice and Rayford Williamson, Babs Kirkland, Bobbie Holley, Sarah McKay, Rachel Evans, Hazel Allen, Glenda Green, Dot McNeil, Bill Molpus and Jean Marshall.

The Reverend Chris Vowell will be the speaker at the March 4 meeting. In the wake of spring, his text will be, "When you plant the seed, watch out for the plough!". Jean Marshall and Mary Marshall will serve as hostesses. All senior members who fit the bill, "Mature and Modern", are cordially invited to join us.


"The gift of happiness belongs to those who unwrap it" - John Parker

While many of us were freezing (and still are, at this writing) in sub-normal January cold, a group of our friends were basking in the sun on the Caribbean Sea. Bill Molpus, Pat Mioton, Jean Marshall, Brenda Matthews, Ricky Bengs, Jan Williamson, Jean Griffis, Kathleen and Bob Radcliff, Barbara Thaggard, Willie Loper, Joy Humphries, and Jeff Watkins boarded the Carnival luxury liner, appropriately named Sunshine, in New Orleans, and set sail for a Sunday-to-Sunday cruise on the Caribbean.

Their ports-of-call were Honduras, Cozumel and Belize. They toured the Mayan Ruins as a group. Seeking a little more adventure, Bill, Pat, Jean, Willie and Jeff hired a tour guide in Roatan, Honduras who drove them around the island on a sight-seeing tour. Bill and Willie played "We Tarzans", "You Janes" as the five of them zip-lined in the mountains of Honduras.

On other days, Bill, Pat and Jean shopped and had lunch on the pier in Belize. In Cozumel, a guide drove them along the beautiful, undeveloped coastline, stopping for lunch on the beach and a tour of a tequila factory where tasting was invited.

Aboard the ship, all thirteen enjoyed delicious meals together at a round table set especially for them.

At any time of day or night, you might walk up to a table and hear, "I have made my Canasta and now I can play my foot", in an ongoing game of 7's (Hand and Foot), as they sailed the Caribbean.


"A true friend is a gift from God and only He can unite them" - John Parker.

Peggy's was "open for business" Friday evening, February 5, for the celebration of Billy Peebles' 82nd birthday, courtesy of Larry Winstead, Dana Waddell and Sandra Winstead. As "icing on the cake", Billy was winner of the birthday cake-of-the week contest, sponsored by Radio Station WHOC and Vowell's Market Place.

Enjoying the special evening with Billy and Earlene were their children, Mark Peebles, Ricky Peebles, Martha Lewis and Mitze Evans, and their families, who included, Stephanie, Kyle and Maggie Peebles, Sarah and Erica Peebles, Ronnie, Justin, Chase, Cody, Jaid Lewis, Jessica Childs, and Dan Evans. Other guests were Merlene and Tate Barnes, Kate Jones, Tina Myrin, and Cody Warren.


"What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" - John Parker.

Our thanks to John Parker for his quotes interspersed throughout "Friends".

John retired after serving as Kemper County's County Agent for 28 years.

In 1981, he received the National Distinguished Service Award, representing the Mississippi Association of County Agents at the national convention.

He and his wife, the late Betty May, have three children, Jan (Robert) Partin, Prentiss Parker and Keith Parker.

He is now a resident at Atwood Personal Care Home, and prides himself in walking around the lake three times each day, weather permitting, and sometimes when it is questionable.