"As the crow flies," it is a long, tiresome journey from Philadelphia, Penn. to our Philadelphia in the South here below.

When a grandmother is traveling with her three granddaughters, it is an entirely different story!

The trip is a common one for Jean Marshall who often travels it alone to visit her son and his family.

Jean was in Philadelphia, Penn. on June 21 when school was dismissed for the summer.

On June 25, she was on the road bound for Mississippi with Madison, eleven years old, Paige, 4-1/2, and 2-1/2 year-old Evelyn Joan, called "Evie."

"I usually make it in two days, but we stretched it to three this time so as to allow plenty of time for McDonald stops, ice cream breaks, and at night, we stayed in hotels with indoor swimming pools."


Jean was on a schedule to get home for the taping of the Marty Stuart Show at the Ellis, but once that was past, Memom was totally dedicated to the busy schedule she and the girls had planned.

They loved their visits to Furbabies, which is Daisy, Jean's registered Papillon's home-away-from home, with Valerie Hardy.

Janet Perry frequented the water park with Memom and her girls, and they loved fishing with "Uncle R.B" Marshall in Cecil Price's pond.


Perhaps the favorite thing of all, was the tea party Jean, Madison, Paige and Evie hosted under the pecan tree in Memom's yard with the birds providing a musical backdrop.

"The girls had never seen a hummingbird, and they were amazed at how quickly they flew about."

Everyone helped in setting up the tables and chairs, decorating the tables and preparing the food.

Paige made the cupcakes, and Madison, the brownies.

Evie munched constantly, as she and Memom cut and spread bread for cucumber sandwiches.

Tea party guests included Memom's first cousins, Von Smith, Fran Marshall, and Vicky Marshall, Aunt Mary Marshall, and friends, Beth Yarbrough, Gayle Stanley, and Kim McClain, who came to the rescue when Paige got into an ant bed!


With the help of Vicky and Aunt Mary, Madison planned a birthday party for her grandmother at Vicky's Fair cabin.

"Happy Birthday" balloons created a festive setting, and there were barbecue shrimp with all the trimmings and rainbow cake with homemade ice cream for a very happy Memom, her granddaughters and guests.


Returning home, Jean's canasta group continued the celebration of her 72nd birthday with a card party at Vicky's Fair cabin.

Sharing the fun with Jean and Vicky, were Kim McClain, Margaret Thomas, Beth Yarbrough and Gayle Stanley.


The YaYa girls have done it again!

With Kay Duett as their hostess, "I take advantage of that, by doing absolutely nothing," Kay laughed, they spent another fun-filled week together in Destin.

"We had a full house this year, as Nancy Molpus Pace, rejoined us after an eighteen-year absence. She not only brought fresh salmon from the East Coast, but a Cameron stove-top smoker on which to cook it."


The "YaYas" have been friends since school days together at Philadelphia, and every year they enjoy getting together to spend "catching up time," shopping the antique malls and flea markets, eating in and eating out, and enjoying the beach in the cool of the afternoon.

Kay Irons Duett, Jenny Lynn Ethridge Wilkerson and Molly Ruffin Turner came from Philadelphia, Nancy from Greenville, S.C., Kay Russell Walker from Dallas, and Moni McKee Nowell and Lorraine Harpole Blount who come from Ridgeland, with Jessica Harpole Bailey as "their designated driver," because they cannot get out of their backyards without getting lost!" Kay laughed.


The Booker T. Washington High School, Philadelphia, Mississippi Class of 1965 held its 48th year anniversary reunion, which coincided with the Booker T. Washington High School Biennial Reunion, on July 6 in the Depot Banquet Hall.

The celebration drew 15 alumni, plus their guests.

The graduating class consisted of 24 graduates, five of which are deceased.

Dorothy Kirksey, James Tisdale, Jimmy Haynes, John Washington, and Frank Seales were remembered in prayer led by class president, Jerome Miller.


What started out as a one-afternoon-gathering at the Depot, came full circle when Harvey Henry from Buffalo, New York sponsored a breakfast on Thursday morning at the Philadelphia House of Pancakes, Jerome Miller of Shuqualak sponsored at fish fry on Friday afternoon at West Side Park, Willie Coleman of St. Paul, Minn. purchased BTW tie shirts, and Bettye Blacks of Baltimore, Md. provided a DVD with pictures of all the Saturday afternoon activities for all members of the class of 1965.

The alumni and friends had a fun-filled weekend reconnecting and reminiscing about old times.


The class of 1965 plans to hold its 50th anniversary July 2015.

The reunion committee included Bettye Blacks and Ruthie Nash.

If anyone would like information about future activities, or would like to be added to the committee, contact Bettye Blacks at BeBlacks @verizon.net or Ruthie Nash at Nashruthie @yahoo.com.


The class of 1965 reunion committee would like to thank all the alumni and friends who attended and provided their favorite dish.

With everyone's cooperation, the 48th anniversary celebration of the class of 1965 was a huge success with memories to treasure.