By the time you read this, the Neshoba County Fair 2013 will be only 10 days away, and Rusty Kynerd will have completed the third of his "Fair hat creations."

Rusty says that his hat creations are definitely "Fair inspired, to make you laugh and put a smile on your face."

They are also "Jane inspired" as he and Jane started dating at the Fair in 1997.

Their friend, Bett Deweese, gave him a parrot head and the idea of the hat was born!


Perhaps you have seen Rusty strolling around the Fairground in his hat creations.

"I am a big Jimmy Buffet fan, and hat #1 was a parrot head. The second, a land shark, was inspired by a Jimmy Buffet beer. The third? I am sworn to secrecy, but it is definitely going to make you laugh and put a smile on your face! Isn't that what the Fair is all about!"


David Byars and Danny Cooper rode 3,570 miles on their motorcycles between June 24 and July 4!

That is what percentage of the world's circumference which totals 24, 901 miles? (Information provided me by Charlie Evans, my thirteen-year-old grandson, which he received instantly just by asking his phone!)

A question of more local interest would be, what percentage is that of the total miles David has pulled Ava James Byars, his and Roberta's little granddaughter, who will be two in August, over town in her little red wagon with wooden rails!


David and Danny departed Clinton, Miss. June 24, spent the first night on the road in Sherman, Texas, the second in Clayton, N.M., before arriving in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Here they were met by Roberta and Jan who had flown in from Jackson, and with the help of friends, Roberta and David's car awaited them.

With David and Danny in the lead on their Ultra Classic Harley Davidson and Honda Valkyrie Interstate (was it Trace Adkins who sang, "This ain't no ordinary rodeo"), Roberta and Jan followed them as they toured the Colorado Rockies through Alamosa, Durango, Gunnison, Silverthorne and the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Back in Colorado Springs on July 2, Roberta and Jan flew home, while David and Danny stretched their trip another two days, "camping" Hampton Inn-style in Salina, Kan. and Russellville, Ark.


Frankie Harpole and Tommie Banks attended a reception at the University of Mississippi Medical Center Tuesday, July 9, 2013, honoring Frankie and Boots' granddaughter, Dr. Jessica Harpole Bailey, upon her appointment as Dean of the School of Health Related Professions and Professor of Health Informatics and Information Management.

Dr. Bailey became associated with UMC in 2003 as an assistant professor in the School of Health Related professions. She has authored and co-authored dozens of research articles published in peer-reviewed journals, and has served as principal investigator for the Mississippi Medical Scholars Program and the Delta Rural Scholars Program.

Jessica and Ty, the parents of Andrew and Simon, live in Gluckstadt.

Come Fair week, Dr. Bailey is just one of us, "fairing" with her family and friends in the family cabin on the west side of the racetrack.


Spring Creek news was off-limit to "Friends" for all the years Alice Fulton so faithfully wrote the community locals.

Now that Alice has retired from a job she did with so much heart, she and Christine Fulton have agreed to share with "Friends."

Alice and Christine were among family members who attended the 23rd reunion of the Alice and Clayton Fulton family, held since 1990 the week of July 4, at the home of Greg and Linda Fulton Cox on the bayou in Gautier, Miss.

Others attending included Linda and Greg Cox, Taylor Cox of Houston, Texas, Anna Cox of Pascagoula-Biloxi, and Courtney and Owen Mitzor of Tampa, Fla., Mike and Cindy Lee, Tanner, Curry and Reagan of Ridgeland, Ronald and Jane Fulton of Philadelphia, John and Betsy Fulton of Jackson, Ben Fulton of the Jackson area, Rob and Rozanne Fulton, Sarah Alice, Annie Christine and Tripp of Philadelphia.

"And I guess that's all", Chris concluded. "Chris, how big is the house!" "Big!" she replied, adding that Linda and Greg and also have a bunk house, plus several of the guests brought their travel trailers and campers.


"Friends" has introduced me to so many wonderful people.

This week I speak specifically of Mrs. Oneta Joyner Chisolm whose family celebrated her 95th birthday on March 30, 2013 at Antioch Baptist Church, the church of her childhood, in the House Community, in conjunction with the Joyner Reunion.

She had a birthday cake with candles, "But not that many!" she laughed.

She and her husband, the late Frank Chisolm, built and outgrew three houses in the community, during the almost forty-seven years they were married.

Attending her party were her three children, Roland Chisolm, Diane Chisolm Smith, and Janice Chisolm Alawine, five grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and seven great-great grandchildren, along with a host of family members and friends, who included James Smith, Madison Smith, Steve and Laura Smith, Anderson Smith, Max Alawine, Mike and Trena Alawine, Savannah Alawine, Mitch and Brenda Alawine, Tyler Alawine, Ethan and Cody Alawine, Joshua and Justin Hendrix, Margaret Alawine, Travis Joiner, Malcolm and Loretta Chisolm, Bill and Peggy Joyner, and Elton and Carolyn Joyner.

Also, Cindy Crenshaw, Iva Nell and Willard Atkinson, Salina and Frank Bailey, Jackie and Lynn Joiner, Lenny, Vanda, Kayelen, Kalab and Micah Joiner, Charles Joyner, Debby Lundy, Jerry and Charlotte Joiner, Richard and Debbie Joiner, Lucky Cornahan, Earl and Ellen Wilson, Madison Collins, Jimmie and Patricia Joyner, Robert and Patricia Joyner, Joseph Norton, Stacey Joyner, Wayne and Dale Joiner, Bo Joiner, Alvis Joiner, Lee and Kathy Cornett, Mike Sides, Madalyn Rose and Kasey Sides, and Norman, Kathy, Charles and Lillian Byrd.

Also, Jean Daniels, Dawn Stevens, Jean Killen, Carol Moore, Tammy Sauber, Holly and baby, Amber and baby, Nadine Oliver, Roger Dale Joyner, Jack and Iva Hurtt, Tony, Michelle, Samuel and Jack Alawine, and Blake Gordon.

I counted the number of guests attending Mrs. Chisolm's 95th birthday party.

Roughly one guest per year.

Wouldn't you say that is an indication of a life well lived!


Beth Darbay invited her friends at Atwood Personal Care Home to share her birthday cake following lunch in the dining hall Sunday, July 7.

The party was hosted by her sisters, Sarah McKay and Rachel Evans, Bernice Holland, and Beth's friends at Atwood, Claudia Hathorn, Lakeshia Boyd, and Kim Grace. Charlie Evans distributed colorful flower-bedecked fly flappers as party favors to his great-aunt's friends.