Marty Stuart left home for Nashville in 1972 to follow his dream, "To have my own bus, wear fancy clothes, and play guitar." Forty-one years later, Marty returns home, bringing Nashville with him.

Marty's dream was in Nashville. His heart is, and always has been, at Route 8, Philadelphia, Mississippi.

The "Marty Stuart Show" is completing its fifth season as RFD-TV's top-rated show, in as many years, and enjoys an estimated viewing audience of ten million people per week!

It may be viewed in Philadelphia on RFD-TV Channel 14 every Saturday night at 7:00 p.m.

Friday evening, June 28, 2013, at seven o'clock in downtown Philadelphia's historic Ellis Theater, the show, in its entirety, will tape the final show of the season, and you're invited!

Marty convinced the RFD-TV "big dogs" to come, "Let me show you what I'm talkin' about". He is thrilled over the opportunity to "show off" Philadelphia, which has always been home to him.

"I have been paying since 1994 to keep up and improve this place", he told me, as we walked over the pine needle covered land, shaded by towering pines in the Arlington Community, once the home place of his grandparents, Elry and Hattie Darby Johnson, and his mother, Hilda Johnson Stuart. "Every time I come here, I know it was worth it. This feels like home."

The show will feature Marty's entire band and crew, including his wife, Connie Smith, who is as much in love with "Six White Horses" as is Marty.

Therein lies an interesting story as to how their Neshoba County home got its name.

A special local feature of the show will be the appearance of Peggy (Webb) of "Peggy's" Restaurant. Marty describes Peggy as a "treasure, a true lady, and a Southern institution".

Tickets are on sale at The Depot, 256 West Beacon, Philadelphia for $50 each. For more information call 601-656-1000 or toll free 877-752-2643.


The Rudy Posey family chose the beaches of Orange Beach as the site for their annual family vacation.

Needless to say, two-year-old Marianna, and nine-month-old Tate, who was enjoying his first family vacation, were top entertainment. "Tate preferred the swimming pool to the jumping waves and the roar of the ocean," Lisa told me.

Perhaps that has a familiar ring to a lot of us.

Enjoying this special time together on the beach with Lis and RuRu were Paige and Will King, Anna Lisa, Bryant and Marianna Truett, Meagan, Jeremy and Tate Miller and Dees Posey.

They all enjoyed time spent with Rudy's sister, Jane Posey Giffin, of Gulf Shores and Vicksburg.


Steve and Jenny Lynn Wilkerson, our "forever honeymoon couple," chose the Windy City of Chicago as the romantic location for the celebration of their 34th wedding celebration. Had Chicago never been romantic before, Steve made it so. Upon their arrival on the 42nd floor of the Marriott Magnificent Mile, there came a knock on the door.

Room service with a light meal and 34 long-stemmed red roses! What could be more romantic than red roses? The next day, chocolate-covered strawberries were delivered to the honeymoon suite.

Jenny Lynn describes Chicago as a very clean and beautiful city with an amazing landscape of tulips in every color.

The weather was perfect for their busy agenda which included a bus tour of the city, followed by a trip to The Field Museum and The Planetarium.

They took an architectural boat tour, which included a trip to the top of the Sears Tower, now known as Willis Tower, towering 105 stories, making it one of the tallest buildings in the world.

"We were privileged to see the bridge of the city lift as dozens of sail boats made their way into Lake Michigan," Jenny told me, adding, "and of course, we found time for a little shopping down the Magnificent Mile of Michigan Avenue." Sunday they watched the Chicago Cubs play baseball in famed Wrigley Field.

They enjoyed their anniversary dinner at The Signature Room on the 95th floor of the Hancock Building, where, "The meal and the view were magnificent." Okay, Romeo, you have a year to come up with something to beat this!


The descendants of Fletcher and Dolly Mae Chunn held their 26th annual reunion at the Union Park in Union Sunday, May 5, 2013.

Herman Chunn welcomed some 70 family members to the gathering, and gave a update report on business matters. Following a devotional by Aaron Chunn, everyone enjoy a delicious lunch.

Thurman Chunn, Roger King and Trey Willis fried fish, while Ricky Boler, Jeff Trapp and Billy Chunn smoked chicken halves. In true Southern-fashion, other family members contributed a variety of covered side dishes.

Roses were presented to families who had lost loved ones this past year.

Next year's reunion will be held May 4, 2014, which, as scheduled, is the first Sunday in May. Quoting Hope Chunn, "We hope to see everyone back together again next year."


Posey Palmer (along with her parents, Allison and Johnny Palmer) enjoyed a Memorial Day celebration at the home of her grandparents, Dwayne and Julie Sharp (Big D & Di-Ji), in Meridian.

Posey's uncle, Adam Sharp, was also honored on the occasion of his 33rd birthday. Her great-uncle and aunt, Bill and Mary Ellen Sharp, also attended. A delicious barbecue meal was served around the pool. Having grown up in Philadelphia, Bill and Dwayne will be remembered as the sons of Bill and Bertelle Sharp.


Steve Stubbs, local author, historian and story-teller, presented the program at the May meeting of B.A.L.L. (Be Active Live Longer), First Baptist Church, Philadelphia. He shared stories about local historical events and displayed artifacts from the Philadelphia Historical Museum, of which he is the curator.

Steve told an interesting story about a nurse named Mrs. Kennedy who was captured during World War II and held captive for three years.

He prefaced the story with the excitement of one selling books. The story had a happy ending in that Mrs. Kennedy was rescued by a tank brigade led by Robert E. Lee.

Wait a minute, say those of you who have been around as long as me.

That is a true story!

At the end of his presentation, Steve revealed to his audience that it was indeed a true story, pointing out that history and truth oftentime make better stories than fiction.

The nurse was Jean Kennedy of the Coldwater community. Her hero-rescuer was Philadelphia's Robert E. Lee who was married to Sarah Brantley, the parents of Bob Lee. Reporting from the B.A.L.L. meeting, William Smith suggests, "Someone should make a movie!".

Steve encouraged everyone, "To come by and visit our very own museum, and revel in the history to be found here in Neshoba County."

The museum is located in the renovated Fair cabin at 303 Water Avenue South, Philadelphia, and is open 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Those in attendance were Rebecca Barnett, Buck Bounds, Gloria Burkes, Jane Cole, Marge Davis, Everett and Mildred Estes, Lamar and Estelle Fowler, Wilmer and Mazell Goforth, Delores Haden, Ruth Hamilton, Rena Harmon, Joan Hight, Dr. Dan Howard, Jim and Dorothy Johnson, Sue lewis, James and Shirley Mooney, Jane Parker, William Smith, Dorothy Thomas,Tom and Madeline Vuncannon, Erma Young, Steve Stubbs, Aaron Tucker, Pam Phillips and Laura Thrash.


God's Closet will be open Saturday morning between 9 a.m. and 12 a.m. in the old Checkerboard Restaurant in Valley View Subdivision to accept donations of used school uniforms, gently-worn boys and girls clothing size 4-18, and school supplies, such as back-packs, pencils, wide-rule loose leaf paper, wide-rule spiral notebooks, glue sticks, crayons, Clorox wipes, kleenex and hand sanitizer.

This is a project adopted by the United Methodist Women (UMW) at First United Methodist Church in Philadelphia in an effort to help provide the basic needs of school children in Philadelphia/Neshoba County.

The storefront will be open for distribution on Saturday, July 13, 2013.

The women, as well as many volunteers, have worked hard on this project, and are very excited about their effort to reach out to the families of school children who really need help.

By the same token, they need your help!

For further information, you may call Brenda Vowell at 601-663-5300.