Webster defines "dynasty" as a family or group that maintains power for several generations.

In the May 2013 TOWN AND COUNTRY magazine, it is noted that very few families achieve enduring prominence over multiple generations.

To emphasize this truth, T&C has selected 50 of America's most prominent families. To be eligible for this selection, a family must be socially prominent today and its prominence must date back at least two consecutive generations.

Answering their own question, "Who really rules America now?" T&C's editorial staff selected an initial pool of about 200 families, with help from a panel of outside contributors, and chose 10 families in five different categories of prominence.

They were scored using six equally weighted criteria: Inspiring, Enduring, Generous, Powerful, Creative and Rich.

Our own Archie and Olivia Manning family placed second in the Inspiring Category which honors families who have set positive examples for the rest of us.

The cover of the magazine is a picture of Cooper, Peyton and Eli, and reads as follows: "It's little wonder that the Mannings are called the First Family of Football."

Patriarch Archie and two of his sons have thrown the pigskin for a total of six NFL teams and the boys having matching Super Bowl rings and MVP awards.

"The Manning household, run by Ole Miss homecoming queen, Olivia Williams Manning, is based in New Orleans.

"In addition to raising millions for children's causes, both Eli and Peyton helped deliver 30,000 pounds of supplies in the aftermath of Katrina." Don't they make us proud!


Ellen Kilgore, Jan Jarrell and Melanie Molpus Myers timed their trip to New York City to see the Broadway play, "The Trip to Bounciful," starring Tom Hanks. This was the last play written by Nora Ephron, who wrote the popular "Sleepless in Seattle." The adventures of these three best friends in New York City for three days would delight any playwright.

"We stayed in a hotel on 8th Avenue, strolled through Central Park, saw two more Broadway shows, and each bought a scarf from the sale rack at Saks Fifth Avenue," Ellen told me.

"The highlight of our trip is always eating out at fine restaurants." Their favorites on this trip were Gotham, New-American fare and Babbo's Italian Restaurant. No hot dogs on the streets for these girls!


The Senior Citizens group at Beacon Street Baptist Church met at the church Thursday, April 18.

The first order-of-business for these "Young at Hearts" was enjoying a delicious lunch together, consisting of chicken and dumplings, turnip greens and other vegetables, corn bread, plus an array of salads and desserts.

"Happy Birthday" was sung to Joe Spinks and Raymond Bradley who celebrated April birthdays.

An exciting game of Bible Trivia was enjoyed by all, with Estelle Barnett receiving a gift for the most correct answers. Carol Kilpatrick concluded the meeting with an inspirational devotional.

An invitation is extended to anyone who would like to become a member of this group, Quoting Carol, "We love to welcome new members."

Those attending the April meeting included Shirley Spinks, Joe Spinks, Raymond Bradley, Pat Bradley, Tena Bradley, Lynette Moorehead, Mitch Williams, Mac Thornton, Glenda Thornton, Estelle Barnett, Harold Richardson, Glenda Richardson, and Carol Kilpatrick.