Robert Herrick, the poet wrote: "Gather ye rosebuds as ye may. Old Time is still a flying."* April 21, 2013, marks the 90th year that Jonne Williams Mabus has done just that.

The celebration of her 90th birthday began the day before on Saturday when her son, Jimmy Mabus, and his family Matt and Sara Parker Mabus, and Emily and Maze Fletcher visited her at the Neshoba County Nursing Home, where she resides. Sunday morning she was visited by her daughter, Sissy Mabus, and Jane and Allen Crosswhite.

Later on Sunday, a bouquet of Jonne's "rosebuds" gathered at Lake Tiak-a-Khata for lunch to celebrate the birthday of their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

They included Jerry and Peggy Mabus Crowe, Jonathan, Laura, Addie and Jax Crowe, Sydney Graft, Lynda Mabus Phillips, Liz Phillips, David Mabus, Katelyn, Rett, and Carson Dyre, Sara Betts Mabus, and Lane and Anne Hart.

Following a leisurely lunch and a long visit, before Jonne returned to the nursing home, she went by way of "home".

Home to Jonne is Williamsville where she grew up "in the store," Williams Brothers, the daughter of Nannie Mae and Amzie Williams.

After checking out "the store," they drove by the home of her sister, Peggy Williams Dees, for a visit with Peggy and Bud Dees from their "conversation point" on Peggy's back porch.

Those who could not come, but called, were Jonne's sisters, Gloria Williams Emmons and Mary Jane Williams Lang, her brother, Sonny Williams, and grandchildren, Bryce Phillips and Kristen Vance.

Any "ride" includes a trip by Jonne's church, First United Methodist, where Jonne is a member and a faithful worshipper by way of the TV ministry of First Methodist and Radio Station WHOC.

Jonne's life began in Williamsville, later graduating from The University of Mississippi in Oxford, a Delta Gamma "like the rest of the family."

She raised her family in the Mississippi Delta before returning to Philadelphia.

No matter where "home" has been for Jonne, her vow has always been, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Happy May Day to all and Happy Birthday to you, Jonne!

*Thanks to my sister, Sarah McKay, my literature reference.


We have exciting news from M. E. Clark, the daughter of Melissa and Barry Clark. M. E. is a freshman at Mississippi State University where she is majoring in Broadcasting and Communications.

As a member of the MSU Fashion Board, she was selected to model April 5 and 6 at Memphis Fashion Weekend, an undertaking of the Memphis Arts Council to benefit the Emerging Designers Project. "Walking the runway" with the beautiful was a natural thing for M. E. who was elected "Most Beautiful" her senior year at Neshoba Central.

M. E.'s cheering squad in the wings included her parents, her brother, Garrett Clark, and her friends, Cherie and Caleb Gamblin.


"Frances meet Frank," and so it was the Frances Molpus met her first-born great-grandchild and namesake, Frank James Zidell, born Feb. 11, 2013. Frank is the son of Jeremy and Meridith Myers Zidell, and the grandson of Jim and Melanie Molpus Myers, all of Dallas. Within strolling distance, I might add.

Family members on hand for this four generation reunion, along with Frances and Frank, were Jim and Melanie, Meridith's twin sister, Kathleen Myers from Denver, Nancy Molpus Pace from Greenville, South Carolina, and Beverly Battershill Jones from Granbury, Texas.

As evidenced by the birth of Jim and Melanie's twin daughters, Meridith and Kathleen, blessings often come in twos. On Feb. 22, 2013, Frances became a great-grandmother for the second time with the birth of John Emerson Crews.

John is the son of Lowrey and Nash Molpus Crews of New Orleans and the grandson of Dick and Sally Molpus of Jackson.


The JOY group from East Philadelphia Baptist Church and friends attended the Senior Adult Rally at First Baptist Church in Louisville on April 11.

The program included an inspiring message by Dr. Gene Henderson, interim pastor at First Baptist in Louisville, special music by Billy Bowie, minister of music at First Baptist, Louisville, and lip sync to humorous songs by Rich Malone, director of Lake Forest Ranch in Macon. Following the rally, it was lunchtime, at where else, but Lake Tiak-o-Khata. No one was disappointed!

After lunch, they visited the American Heritage Big Red Fire Museum, where the Hospitality of Today and the Antiques of Yesterday bespeak the "Spirit of Volunteerism".

The museum was established in 1989 by W. A. (Bill) Taylor for the purpose of promoting an appreciation of fire fighting history. Quoting Mr. Taylor, "When I was just a boy, I saw the most beautiful red fire truck in a parade.

"Seeing those firemen sitting on top of that big engine simply sent chills down my spine!

"Since then, I have been fascinated by firefighting history, and the equipment that has been used down through the years.

"I discovered that Benjamin Franklin was the founder of our nation's volunteer fire departments. He showed what we can do by working together".


Among the 100-plus fire antiques on display, you will see a 1797 hand pumper, 1800 horse drawn cart, 1867 Cole Brothers (our Cole Brothers?) steam engine, 1890 hale 55 ft. water tower, 1916 Model-T fire engine, 1931 Model-A chief truck, etc.

The museum also includes a huge collection of wooden airplane models suspended from the ceiling, and a beautifully restored antique red Buick with the gas tank under the hood and the motor in the middle of the car!

This is a private museum, recently remodeled, open to the public for no charge, by appointment only.

Among those who will tell you that it is certainly worth the trip, are Randy and Jackie Hearn, H. G. and Mary Jo Cooper, Ray and Lilly Partridge, Mazelle Skinner, Carolyn Smith, Mandy Hailey, Bobbie Anthony, Ray Fleming, Dean Beckham, and Ann Baughman.


Rex and Becky Webb visited their daughter, Rachel Harbarger, and grandaughter, Lois, in Augusta, Georgia the weekend of the Masters.

With two tickets for Saturday's play, and Dr. Claude out of town on business, Rachel and Rex walked the azalea trails with the golf greats until the final putt was holed.

Becky enjoyed a "hole-in-one kind of day" with Lois, who will be one year old on June 1st.


In honor of Oneta Chisolm's 95th birthday, a Joyner reunion was held at Antioch Baptist Church on March 30, 2013.

Those present were Oneta Chisolm, Roland Chisolm, Malcolm and Loretta Chisolm. Janice and Max Alawine, Mike, Trena, and Savannah Alawine, Shaun, Alicia, Joshua, Justin, Tyler, Ethan and Cody Alawine, Mitchell and Brenda Alawine, Margaret Alawine, James and Diane Smith, Steve, Laura, Madison and Anderson Smith. Also, Travis Joiner, Bill and Peggy Joyner, Elton and Carolyn Joyner, Robert and Patricia Joyner, Stacey Joyner. Wayne Joiner, Dale Joiner, Bo Joiner, Alvis Joiner, Jackie and Lynn Joiner, Lenny, Vonda, Kayelen, Kaleb and Micah Joiner, Charles Joiner, Jimmie and Patricia Joyner, Jerry and Charlotte Joiner, Richard and Debbie Joiner, Roger Dale Joyner, Lucky Carnahan, Blake Gordon, Cindy Crenshaw, Joseph Norton, Lee and Kathy Cornett, Michael Sides, Madalyn Rose and Casey Sides, Norman Byrd, Kathy Byrd, Charles and Lillian Byrd.

Also, Jean Daniels, Dawn Stevens, Jean Killen, Carol Moore, Nadine Oliver, Jack and Iva Hurtt, Tammy Suaber, Holly and Amber Mader and babies,Iva Nell and Willard Atkinson, Lisa and Frank Bailey, Debby Lundy, Earl and Ellen Wilson and Madison Collins.