Does the day seem more than you can handle?

Do your problems have no answers?

Is your sorrow too much to bear?

Perhaps we should follow Dr. Bill Molpus' lead in his ongoing medical mission ministries.

Quoting Bill, "Forty-eight years of surgical experience is not enough to enable one to do what is required on these missions. You have to depend on Supernatural help from God! As I have said before, He puts His Super on my natural."

Once again Bill allows "Friends" to share these Supernatural experiences with him.

We join him following his 2013 Cambodian trip.

"Three times is a charm - and so it was with my third trip to Cambodia.

"My first visit was as a tourist with a small tour group. My roommate was an Italian fellow - a retired CFO with a large manufacturing company in Italy. His hobby was translating American novels into Italian. Traveling with Americans gave him an opportunity to learn what we say and how we say it. A year later I was blessed to visit with his delightful family in Venice. That tour opened my eyes to the tragic and painful history of the Cambodian people.

"My second trip to Cambodia was with Hand of Hope. After arriving in the capitol city of Phnom Penh, we traveled in vans for several hours to the city of Pursat. In this town, Hand of Hope had recently completed construction of a beautiful new hospital - a perfect place for our mission.

"For this third visit, I arrived a couple of days ahead of the team in order to give myself time to recover from the grueling airline flights. From Jackson to Atlanta, then a 15-hour, non-stop flight from Atlanta to Seoul, South Korea. Then a 6-hour flight to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Lucky for us, we were staying in the same nice hotel we stayed in on my first visit - right across the street from the American Embassy.

"We started each day with a team devotional at 5 A.M., and after breakfast, drove an hour or so out into the country side to do the clinics. Sunday morning, after the group arrived, we went to a local church, after which, we met our interpreters. I was blessed to have the same two guys who had worked with on my last mission in Cambodia. They remembered the process and my routine which made it possible for us to complete over 700 surgeries. Each day we went to a different site. When we arrived, the tents were in place, and in less than an hour, we were ready to see patients.

"Hand of Hope is the mission hand of Joyce Meyer Ministries. I don't know all they are doing in Cambodia, but I do know about the beautiful hospital in Pursat. My interpreters told me about the feeding programs for children in Phnom Penh. I am impressed that HOH comes into a country and partners with a local organization that is already up and going. That makes so much sense and is so productive. These local folks in Cambodia had it all together, and their efforts made our mission the success for which we had prayed.

"Early the next morning after our last clinic day, I left the hotel to begin the next adventure. Guess I left too early because the airport had not opened when I arrived. So much for arriving two hours before your international flight! I would fly from Phnom Penh to Bangkok, Thailand - from Bangkok to my final destination in Rangoon, Myanmar."

But the story doesn't end there.

Bill did finally return home to Philadelphia.

We thank God for the success achieved in each of Bill's missions and for his safe return home.


This report in from the Mississippi Backroad Cruisers motorcycle group who recently enjoyed a belated Christmas and New Year's themed get together at the spacious and rustic camp house of Ferrell and Shelia Alexander, attended by Rocky and Joey Langston, Lonnie and Jerry Beason, Glenn and Rita Page, Ferrell and Sheila.

"The party was put on hold for several weeks until Glenn arrived home from Africa, where he works, so he could enjoy the holiday festivities also. The men grilled the steaks, while the ladies prepared the appetizers and side dishes.

"This group has begun to spread their "biker" wings and take on the highways and byways and enjoy the great outdoors. Their first bike trip as a group, was taken last November when they rode to Gatlinburg and enjoyed all the beautiful scenery of the changing leaves. When God's brush paints the colors, there is none to compare, especially experiencing them from the seat of a motorcycle.

"Ferrell and Sheila ride a Honda Valkyrie Trike now, but have owned several bikes over the years. Lonnie and Jerry are seasoned motorcycle riders and ride a beautiful new Kawasaki Vulcan. Rocky and Joey are also long-time riders and own several Harleys, with their newest one under the tree this past Christmas, an Ultra Classic Screaming Eagle. Glenn and Rita have a Harley Ultra Classic. They are new to this, and Rita says never in a million years would she have guessed she would love being on the back of a motorcycle, but it tends to get in your blood!

"This group rides every chance it gets around the backroads, looking for a good place to eat and fellowship. Giving all the glory to Jesus Christ for His blessings and protection on them as they travel the roads, their main focus is to spread His love and His message as they go.

"They have several trips in the works for this coming year, so if you see this group of "bikers" zipping down the road, say a prayer for them. There is always room for more, so if you decide you want to come along - grab that helmet, turn that key, crank up those pipes and join in!"