Susie Hand Denson, Patrice and Ken Turner, Bill Greenleaf, Jennifer and William Head, Mary McCauley McDonald, Dr. Joe Jordan, Jenny Lynn and Steve Wilkerson and Charlene Mars Blount recently spent a weekend at Seaside, Fla.

Their purpose: "To be there for each other when they turned 60."

The trip, which had been planned for over a year, began on Friday when they checked into the two houses they had rented at Seaside and enjoyed a Mexican "Extravaganza Supper."

Saturday was spent "at your leisure," at the beach, at Seaside flea market or watching football games on TV.

After watching the sunset on the beach, the birthday bash moved to the main house for a "dress up" 70's party.

The birthday boys, Bill, Ken, William, Joe and Steve and birthday girls, Susie, Mary and Charlene, had graduated high school in 1970.

Reminiscent of what they were doing in the 70's, they were dressed as hippies, disco darlings, cheerleaders, band members, football players and a baby.

They ordered pickup from a local restaurant for dinner and topped it off with a birthday cake.

Sunday was more of the same and ended with dinner at sunset at a local restaurant.

According to Jenny Lynn and Steve, "We laughed, cried, sang, prayed, ate, relaxed and enjoyed. Most of our sentences began with 'remember when' or 'next year.'"

Attorney Ken Turner summed it up best, "Sometimes you get to do things that are fun; sometimes you do things that are just good for your soul. Every once in a while you have the rare pleasure of experiencing something that's both fun and good for your soul. This trip was one of those special times."

With that closing statement, Ken rested his case.

Come Monday, "We said our goodbyes with plans to return in 2013."


A Media Center has been presented to First Methodist Church Philadelphia for use in the Family Life Center in memory of Billie Gene and Helen Tolbert by Gene, Rhonda and Leah Tolbert.

The dedication ceremony was held Sunday, Oct. 21 at the 6:33 p.m. worship service.

In the Reverend Fred Britton's prayer of dedication, he "gave thanks for the lives and the witness of Billie Gene and Helen and prayed that the Media Center would be used in worship, education, outreach, evangelism, nurture, fellowship and faithfulness to the Glory of God."


Representation from Philadelphia at The Meridian Little Theatre's production of the Broadway Show "Cats," included Addie Lee White, Nell Dean, Patsy Flowers, Kathy Kittrell, Tommie Banks and Doris Vowell.


Highlights of a weekend in the French Quarters of New Orleans: The friendliness of the neighbors, the waiters in the restaurants and David, a self-proclaimed street ambassador for the City of New Orleans.

The shrimp remoulade served atop crispy, fried green tomatoes at Chartres, the Banana Foster at Landry's and the beignets at the Cafe du Monde.

The handicap friendly curbs on all the narrow streets, the still, blue (yes, blue) water of the Mississippi along the Riverwalk and the blue sky up above.

The good Lord made it all.

Attest: Jean Griffis, Brenda Matthews, Brenda's sister, Janice Smith and me.


The poet who wrote, "What is so rare as a day in June, then, if ever, come perfect days," had not visited the Reverend Kermit and Sammie Sharp in October.

Turning onto their driveway in the Bethsadia community, members of the B.A.L.L. group at First Baptist Church Philadelphia were face to face with a Kodak scene of fall foliage, gourds and pumpkins.

Potluck dishes were added to the bountiful feast prepared by Sammie and Kermit and was enjoyed on tables set under the covered porch overhang.

After lunch, Kermit offered their guests a hayride (no hay, no horses) and regaled them with stories as they rode along.

Enjoying this beautiful day in the country were Rebecca Barnett, Shirley Breazeale, Gloria Burks, Marge Davis, Mildred and Everett Estes, Estelle and Lamar Fowler, Polly and Bill Gilly, Mazell and Wilmer Goforth, Delores Haden, Ruth Hamilton, Rena Harmon and Dr. Dan Howard.

Also, Eunice Jones, Sue Lewis, Shirley and James Mooney, Lavinia and Barney Nowell, JoLynn Parker, Louise Sharp, Sammie and Kermit Sharp, William Smith, Dorothy Thomas, Ellene and Robert Turcotte and Cecil Wyatt.


Correction: Dr. Bill Molpus and I share the blame for any error you may detect in our collaboration on his mission trips.

Combine my lack of understanding concerning some of the things about which he writes, with his handwriting and we are destined for a train wreck from time to time.

This week's column should have read: "These people are steeped into magic and voodoo. They come to the clinic as unwitting emissaries of the devil."