The First Semester Rocket Navy Awards Ceremony was held at Neshoba Central on the evening of December 10, 2019.  During this ceremony, cadets who had earned awards and promotions were honored.  The Navy JROTC Instructor, Regan Kieff, presented the awards and promotions.

Among those cadets honored was Sam Knight who was promoted to Cadet Chief Petty Officer.  He also received the following awards, Mini Boot Camp, Community Service Award, Participation Ribbon, Satisfactory Physical Fitness, Exemplary Personal Appearance award, Interstellar National Competition Award, Academy Award, and Honor Roll Award.  His grandparents, Bob and Lynn Benson are so very proud of him as are his parents, Barry Knight and Erin Benson Knight.  His father, Barry Knight, was present at the ceremony along with his grandparents.  Congratulations to Sam and all of the other cadets who worked so hard to receive their awards and promotions


The Second Wednesday Bridge Club met in the home of June Nowell who was the hostess for a Christmas luncheon.  Her home was beautifully decorated for the season with a tall tree and poinsettias along with a lighted garland on the fireplace mantle.  There were signs of the season everywhere.  Guests were seated at the round dining table which was decorated with red placemats, gold chargers, and a floral centerpiece.  

After a delicious lunch complete with a red velvet cake for dessert, which was served by June with the help of Phoebe Henson, the guests began to play bridge.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the afternoon enormously in spite of some groans from those getting very poor cards.  It was the perfect conclusion to our 2019 bridge meetings.  Thank you to June for such a lovely time.

Members attending were Carol Oliphant, Ray Fleming, Pat Thomasson, Phoebe Henson, Wendy Hayon, Marianne Enochs, Joyce Dansby, and hostess, June Nowell..


Congratulations to Alex Weir Leming who has been accepted into the Surgical Assistant Program at Eastern Virginia Medical School where she will study for a Masters Degree.  Her proud mother is Stacie Therrell Weir of Philadelphia.


Ella Grace Robertson has successfully completed her first semester of nursing school at East Central Community College.  She said it has been an emotional roller coaster filled with stress and ups and downs.  It has also formed great friendships and bestowed many blessings.

She is so thankful for the people who have shared these experiences with her.   They are a great group of friends who have always been supportive of one another.  Ella Grace also thanks all of those who have prayed for her or thought of her during this first semester.  It has meant more to her than anyone can ever know.  Congratulations and best wishes for your next semester.  You will do well.


 The Ole Miss Choir presented their Christmas concert on the evening of December 5th in the Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts on the Oxford campus.  Alan Thomas Pickle, who has Philadelphia ties, was part of the performance.  His very proud mother, Cindy Brantley Pickle, and equally proud father, Lan Pickle, were in the audience.  They were impressed with all of the talented voices that comprise the Ole Miss Choir and the beautiful music they created.


A new Mississippi State University alum has joined the ranks of Neshoba County's alumni group.  Amelia Henson received her diploma during graduation ceremonies at Humphrey Coliseum December 10th on the Starkville Campus.  She was an active member of the Famous Maroon Marching Band during her time at MSU.  Her very proud mother, Phoebe Henson and her sister, Zoie Henson, were among those in the audience.  Zoie is also a student at MSU who is looking forward to following her sister in a few years.  Congratulations and best wish 

The Philadelphia Public School Band Concert was held on the evening of December 9 in the school auditorium.  A special performance by one of the very talented graduates, Tyler Jordan Greer, played a trombone arrangement of "Mary Did You Know". 

 He said that he had a musical experience that was simply astonishing.  Charmaine Manzano, an eighth grader, accompanied him on a piano arrangement of the selection at a very advanced level.  They only met for about 15 minutes before the performance and worked out the kinks. 

Tyler believes that music is so much bigger than just "you".  It's sharing musical experiences with others. He said that "Charmaine is a product of PILADELPHIA MIDDLE SCHOOL in Mississippi.  The future of music is bright!"