Dean and Marsha Casey Bavetta hosted the Church of God's annual Fall Festival in their spacious bard which was really decorated for the fun evening. 

There were ghosts, monsters, Spider men, witches and all kinds of costumes.  Not only did the children wear costumes, but so did some of the adults.  It was a perfect night for the party.  A trick or trunk car was draped with spooky spider webs and other scary decorations.  A hayride was another favorite activity.  There was tasty food with  little ghosts and goblins in mind s well as their larger companions. The  children enjoyed playing different games which were more fun in the darkness surrounded by lights.  Such a nice tradition.


Philadelphia is a small town with a huge heart.  People have helped each other in many ways.  An example of this was a celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness held on Thursday evening at Harpole Stadium.   The cheerleaders released balloons in many shades of pink in memory  those are no longer with us those  who have won the battle, and those still fighting. 

Surounded by the Junior High Cheerleaders and encircled with bright pink balloons was one of the bravest and strongest warriors we know. Casey Mars . is a true warrior in the battle and one of the best loved.  She fights for her children and her husband because of her deep love for them. Her daughter, Mary Montgomery Mars is a Junior High Cheerleader who was there cheering for her mother

Cancer is a strong opponent and those who fight are brave warriors.  God bless all of those who fight and give them hope and healing.


Colorado is a beautiful state with its mountains and meadows and ranches for vacationers.  Hadley Mars Chalmers fell in love with it and has been working as a wrangler at different ranches.  It was her dream job.  She loves horses and riding so it was a perfect match.This semester she enrolled at Colorado State University in the Equine Science school.  What a perfect match!

She is the daughter of Jeremy and Dawn Lee Mars Chalmers.  The Chalmers have a son, Charlie, who attends Ole Miss.


Taylor Breazeale was honored with a baby shower hosted by Hannah Turk Monk, Allison Dees Palmer, and Madison Overby.  Baby Wilder Jane was thoroughly spoiled already by all of the lovely gifts brought with love by all of the guests.  The  decorations were perfect for the occasion as well as the food.  A cheese and food table with a huge pineapple as a centerpiece was especially nice.

After unwrapping and admiring her gifts, Taylor expressed her thanks to everyone.  The guests enjoyed looking at the many treasures and having some of the scrumptious food.