Baccalaureate Service was held on May 29th during the 10:30 mass at Holy Cross Catholic Church.  The service celebrated the graduation of Hallie Billie, Sam Farmer, Tyler Holland, and Ashley Nguyen.  Father Raju Macheria presided over the mass.  He is substituting for Farther Darnis who is on vacation in India with his family.

A reception was held after mass in the church hall which had been decorated for the occasion by families and friends of the graduates.  Each graduate had a table covered with a white cloth beneath a large poster designating the owner of the table.  A collection of high school memorabilia was displayed on the table including awards, pictures, trophies, and other favorite items depicting their high school years.  It was obvious that much love and care went into each table's display.  They made great photo ops for the graduates and their families to make a lasting memory of the occasion

Members of the congregation brought a variety of finger foods and the church provided the traditional cake.  The cake was a large sheet cake frosted in white icing with a diploma and mortar board at the top and the word, "Congratulations" followed by the names of the graduates beneath.  Punch and coffee were also served to the guests.  The hall was filled with happy voices and laughter as everyone helped celebrate this monumental occasion.


Congratulations to Courtney Wells who received her diploma from the University of Mississippi on May11th.  She earned a degree in Music Education-Instrumental.  While at Ole Miss, she was a member of "The Pride of the South" the University's marching band.  Among those who attended the ceremonies were her mother, Vivian Wells, sisters, Lynette Elwood Kilpatrick, and Wendee Wells Sanders, who watched with pride as she walked across the stage.  

     Courtney appreciated all of the support given by her family members and friends as she worked for her degree.  She plans to continue her education in Grad School where she will work toward a Masters Degree.  Wonderful accomplishment!


Burgin McClellan has completed her freshman year at Ole Miss and is at home in Philadelphia where she is relaxing after a very busy year.  Burgin was on the President's List for both semesters of her first year.  She studied hard and participated in several extra -curricular activities on campus.  Her proud parents are Randy and Robin Tolbert McClellan.  Congratulations!


It snowed in Philadelphia on May 11th!  How amazing was that?  If you were in the Ellis Theater during the Dance Recital presented by Tina Sanders and her Dance Studio students, you would have seen the stage engulfed in a snowfall during parts of the performance. The backdrop turned the stage into a forest filled with snow covered evergreen trees and huge snowflakes bordering the stage. A gigantic Christmas tree stood on one side of the stage covered with twinkling multicolored lights and a big gold star shone from the top.

The theme this year was "Merry May" and most of the music was a remix or variations of traditional Christmas songs. Rudolph was featured in the early show at 3 o'clock along with some adorable penguins who danced the "Penguin Cha-Cha-Cha" wearing cute costumes as one of their dance routines.  Santa Claus showed up, too!  It was really special.  

Dads danced on stage with their daughters during the Daddy Dance.  They were dressed in their very best suits and danced in the snowfall. Girls of all ages danced in different routines wearing beautiful costumes for each performance.  The audience was enchanted by the entire recital.  The Ellis was packed for all three shows.  Even a heavy rainstorm did not prevent a very appreciative crowd from attending.  Miss Tina also danced and she did an amazing job with such grace and beauty!  This recital is one event that both the students and their families anticipate each year.  It is always a wonderful time!


During commencement at East Central Community College, Courtney Paige McNair received an Associate Degree.  She was very active during her two years at East Central.  She was the drum major for both of years and led the marching band in all of its performances.  Her proud parents are Michael and Melanie Hunter McNair.  Congratulations!

Rebecca Prince was awarded a diploma from the University of Southern Mississippi during commencement on May 13th on the Hattiesburg Campus.  She completed a Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology.  She is also a graduate of the University of Mississippi.  Rebecca is the daughter of Eric and Ellen Whittle Prince.  Congratulations and best wishes!