The First United Methodist Church's M&M Club had a wonderful time at their April meeting in the Family Life Center of the Church.  Members enjoyed a selection of music presented by Pat Fiedler and Julie Bishop.  

Virginia West presented a special Lent and Easter devotional program using Resurrection Eggs.  It was an interesting presentation.  A potluck luncheon of favorite dishes brought by members was served and enjoyed by everyone.  The next meeting is on May 7 at 11:30 where they will meet and travel together to Lake Tiak O'Khata for lunch and a program.  Everyone is welcome to come!


The University of Mississippi Medical Center held its Patch Ceremony for students in the School of Pharmacy on the Jackson Campus in the Norman C. Nelson Student Union on Saturday, April 4, from 5:30 until 6:30.  

The Patch Ceremony is held in the spring of pharmacy students' third year of school and signifies that they have completed their three years of pharmacy class work training and will be on advanced pharmacy rotations as part of the medical team.  They will complete month long advance practice experiences at designated sites under the supervision of UMMC throughout Mississippi and other states.  

Brooke Long, of Philadelphia received her Patch during the ceremony which was attended by her family and friends.  She is the daughter of Chris and Amanda Jenkins Long and will graduate in May with a Doctorate in Pharmacy and begin her fourth year with rotations before becoming a licensed pharmacist.  Congratulations!


Fourteen teenagers received the Sacrament of Confirmation during the Sunday mass on April 7.  In the Catholic Church this is a rite in which a baptized person, especially one baptized as an infant, affirms Christian belief and is admitted as a full member of the Church.

It was a beautiful ceremony which was presided over by Bishop Koepatz, the Bishop of the Jackson Diocese, assisted by Father Darnis Selvanayakam, the pastor. The confirmation members and their sponsors were presented to the Bishop and he administered the Sacramental rite to each member.  A reception was held following the mass in the church hall with members bringing favorite finger foods.  The room looked lovely with white tablecloths and an arrangement of white flowers and greenery on the serving table. A large white frosted cake in the shape of a cross was served in honor of the occasion.  All of the confirmation class members received a Bible to commemorate their Confirmation.  There was a large number of family members and friends present on this wonderful day at Holy Cross Catholic Church


Since his mother, Amy Reed Eubanks, had just returned from a fabulous trip to Paris, France, and Cairo, Egypt, it only seemed fair that her seven year old son, Reed Eubanks, should have a memorable adventure, too. His grandfather, Woody Reed, and his mother packed up for a day trip to Elvis Presley's famous home, Graceland, in Memphis.

Reed was entranced by the entire place.  He turned into a little tourist, taking pictures of everything that intrigued him which was a lot!  He liked the Jungle Room, the Music Room, the TV Room, the spectacular Pool Room with its huge pool table and special wall and ceiling treatments.  The mirrored stairwell fascinated him.  He saw the pink Cadillac and Elvis's plane, the "Lisa Marie".  Guests were allowed to go on board the plane and see the elaborate interior. There was a Meditation Garden with a wishing pool where Reed made a serious wish.  Amy said, "It's official, Reed loves Elvis!" He had a fantastic time and entertained his mother and grandfather with his Elvis imitations on the trip home.  He has lots of pictures that he took all by himself to help him remember this great trip!