The University of Southern Mississippi's Graduate School Hall of Fame has a new member.  Mollie Clair McKay Johnson was selected for this honor in the College of Nursing and Health Professions.  She received a Doctorate in Audiology from SMU.

Her parents, Don and Sharon Tingle McKay, aunt, Sue Tingle, and her husband, Brent Johnson, attended the induction ceremony and the unveiling of her portrait in the Hall of Fame on the campus in Hattiesburg on April 2.  The portrait is an excellent picture of Mollie Clair wearing the white coat of her profession seated before a computer with symbols of her profession displayed.  Congratulations to Mollie Clair on receiving this honor!


Not only did Tyler Holland and Eli Moran win first place in the district FBLA competition in March, but on April 4th, they won first place at the state competition!  They competed in the areas of Sports and Entertainment Management.  Tyler and Eli now have the honor and privilege of representing Neshoba Central and the state of Mississippi in the FBLA National Competition during the summer in San Antonio, Texas.  They are both examples of athletes who are also academic scholars.

Tyler is the son of Tommy and Sharon Eldridge Holland and Eli's parents are Brett and Emily Moran.  They will represent our state well! Congratulations!


A very happy birthday was celebrated by Mrs. Clifton Jones (Mary) with family and friends at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Meridian where they enjoyed a delicious dinner and fellowship.  The honoree celebrated this birthday with all three of her children present, Byron Jones, Charmaine Miller, and Carmen Jones Yarbrough.  Carmen came all of the way from Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates for her mother's birthday! 

Bishop Clifton Jones and their grandchildren and daughter-in-law, Chiquita Moore Jones attended along with other family members and close friends.  It was a joyous occasion!

Philadelphia High School's FBLA club attended the state competition where the members competed in several categories.  They came home with lots of winners in different areas.  Amy Kilpatrick Taylor was so proud of the group.  Those who placed in their areas of competition were Maliah Black, 1st place in Future Business Leadership; Talease Griffin, 1st place in Introduction to Public Speaking; Akunta Crosby, Asher Morgan and Jariq Stribling 4th place in Marketing; Ndrah Tanksley and Maddison Savage, 5th place in Sports and Entertainment Management.  Dayna Morgan, David Brackett, and Barry South assisted Amy Kilpatrick with this group of students.  Congratulations to everyone!

Can you imagine traveling all of the way to Paris, France, and Cairo, Egypt, to attend two of your favorite bands in live concerts?  Shane Reed and his sister, Amy Reed Eubanks had that unbelievable opportunity in March.  

Their first stop was Paris where they attended the Dave Matthews Band in concert.  What a fabulous experience!  They spent five days touring the city as well as going to the concert.  They saw the famous Eiffel Tower, which Shane said "was the tallest Eiffel Tower he had ever seen!"  Another interesting place was the ancient underground catacombs where thousands of skeletons are entombed.  The Cathedral Notre Dame with its exquisite artwork and gorgeous interior was a favorite stop.  The Arc de Triomphe which is one of Paris's most famous monuments that was built to commemorate Napoleon's victories was another inspiring sight. 

The next stop was Cairo, Egypt, where the Red Hot Chili Peppers were performing at the Pyramids in Giza.  The setting for the concert was also a light show with lights forming pyramid shapes as the band performed.  The Pyramids were in the background. How amazing!  

Shane and Amy found Cairo and the area around it fascinating.  Considering the fact that many of the sights they saw were over 3,000 years old and in existence before the Birth of Christ made it a truly awesome place.  They visited the Great Pyramid of Giza and even went inside to the Kings' Chamber.  Everyone had to crouch down to navigate the tunnels to the chamber.  The two stood near the Great Sphinx of Giza which was huge and dwarfed them with its size.  They were amazed at the enormous size of the pyramids and temples and obelisks which had been built without the assistance of modern equipment and have withstood the ravages of time for thousands of years.  Camel rides were fun.  Amy rode on Bob Marley and Shane's camel was Snoob.  

The Cairo Museum exhibits all kinds of artifacts from ancient civilizations in Egypt.  King Tut's sarcophagus was displayed along with his famous funeral mask of ebony and solid gold.  He is well known because his tomb was discovered intact in 1922.  Others had been robbed of all the precious items buried with the person, but his had not been opened. It was a treasure trove for archeologists and anthropologists.  

His mummy lies in a special sarcophagus that preserves it. He was only about 18 years old when he died and had become Pharaoh at the age of nine. The Egyptians believed that the dead should be buried with everything they would need in the afterlife.  King Tut's tomb was filled with beautiful artifacts as well as common things he might use in the afterlife.

The bazaar in Cairo was filled with everything and anything imaginable.  It was colorful and busy.  A man was demonstrating how to make paper from papyrus which was used by the ancient Egyptians for their scrolls.  Amy and Shane learned how to make it and bought many items to bring home.  

The ten days flew by and it was time to travel back to Mississippi where their families were waiting.  Shane has a little girl, Brighton, whom he missed, along with his wife, Kaitlyn. Amy was looking forward to seeing her four year old son, Reed.  It was a vacation filled with memories of amazing and astounding sights, but they were glad to come home.