Father's Day was special this year for Boots Howell because all of his and Millie's children came home to celebrate with him.

John and Diana Howell, Mark and Stephanie Howell, Shawn Howell Byars and David Howell all gathered together to honor their father.

David Howell paid tribute to both of his parents on the 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer, saying they showed courage and wisdom in their moral support of the Civil Rights activists in Philadelphia during a turbulent time.

Their parents took their children in their car and followed the late Martin Luther King, Jr. as he marched with a group after giving a speech in the square so they could actually see the famous man.

After spending time together as a family, they all attended the program commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Freedom Summer at Mount Zion Church.

There were many people in attendance: local, out of town, and out of state.

This is an annual event and attracts visitors who continue to remember and reminisce as well as study the history of that summer and its far reaching effect on the National Civil Rights Movement.

The Jackson family has expanded and extended beyond Neshoba County, but every Fourth of July the extended family gathers for a fish fry at Jackson Lake in the Bend community.

This is a beautiful lake that nestles among tall pine trees and made a perfect picnic spot.

Windell Jackson organized the event with help from other family members.

While waiting for the catfish and side dishes to be prepared, time was spent visiting with relatives of all ages.

Little Emerson Jackson, son of LeAnna and Bryant Jackson, just had to touch that lake water which he did under the watchful eye of his mother.

Uncle Jeffie Jackson attended and enjoyed visiting with all of his family members.

Everyone was delighted that Howard Jackson was able to attend this year.

Cousins Betty Jackson Burns, Cynthia Jackson Long, Josh Jackson, Willie Jackson, Patrick Jackson, Bryant Jackson, and Reagan Jackson were among tome of the cousins who attended.

Susan Jackson was one of the people who took pictures to commemorate the fun of a Southern family fish fry.

A very solemn moment during this event was Windell Jackson's displaying a folded American flag encased in a glass boxed frame along with a certificate of authenticity that declared that this flag was flown over the 298th Sustainment Support Battalion in Shindand, Afganistan during Operation Enduring Freedom on Dec. 15, 2011, in memory of O'Neil and Belva Jackson.

This was indeed an honor for the entire family. The next fish fry will be July 4, 2015, same place, same time!

The Knights of Columbus held an open house on Saturday, July 19, at the Tullos Fair cabin located on the race track.

Joe and Byron Tullos welcomed the members and guests.

Grilled chicken, side dishes, desserts, and cold beverages were served.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men's organization devoted to performing philanthropic activities and assisting the Catholic Church's projects.


Joe and Angie Tullos have graciously opened their Fair cabin to everyone who wishes to attend Mass on Sunday, July 27, at 6:30 p.m.

Services will be held on the back deck of the Tullos cabin, #346, near the race track.

Father Augustine Palimattam, pastor of Holy Cross, will preside.

Morning masses in Philadelphia at Holy Cross will be held at 8: a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Please join us!


A huge silver number 3 balloon along with a big white balloon floated over the mailbox at the home of Pam and Danny Thrash to guide guests to their granddaughter's birthday party on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Woodland Hills.

Ava James Byars, daughter of Jessica and Clay Byars, turned three and when asked what kind of party she wanted, she replied, "Ponies," so ponies she got!

Real live ponies were brought to the backyard of the Thrash's home by Jeff Taylor of Sebastapol.

The ponies wore saddles and bridles and each child could go for a pony ride either alone, or held on by a parent. The little ones were thrilled and some who had never ridden a pony before overcame their doubts and enjoyed the fun. Along with the pony rides, the children could also play in the big Jumpy which added to their excitement.

Ava's cake was a beautiful creation of several layers frosted in pink with pink roses all along the bottom tiers.

The top layer had her monogram in silver on a white decorative label on the side and on the very top of the cake was a silver horseshoe with the number three on the bottom, pointing up for good luck, and three white candles which were blown out by the honoree.

The serving table, covered with a white cloth, was flanked on both sides with tall glass vases of white gladiolas and white ceramic horses' heads next to each arrangement.

Child friendly refreshments were served on pink plates along with cookies shaped like horses' heads iced in white frosting and trimmed in brown bridles and manes of pink frosting, pink horseshoe cookies with the number 3 on the bottom and silver stars on each side along with pink monogrammed cookies with AJB in white.

Ava's grandparents, Pam and Danny Thrash, Roberta and David Byars, and her great grandmother, Nita Byars had a good time along with their granddaughter and her little friends.

What a memorable party for an adorable little girl!