A new tradition was started this year in Cabin 245 at the Fair. Melanie Alford Yates and Lee Dansby Adams organized the first ever Karaoke Contest which was held on the front porch "stage" with the audience seated in chairs arranged on the sawdust covered area in front of it and on their porches nearby.. The audience had front row seats as the performers sang and moved to their favorite selections. A very enthusiastic crowd clapped and cheered the performers during and after each number.

The winners were Taylor Harris, Laura Ward Harris and Melanie Alford Yates. Next year's contest promises to be bigger and better! What fun!

A wedding anniversary has always been a special event, no matter how few or how many years are counted. People celebrate them in many different ways and with many shared memories, both happy and nostalgic. Danny and Regina Hicks celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary this month with a trip to Orange Beach, Ala., where they stayed in a lovely hotel and ate fantastic fresh Gulf seafood.

One evening as they ate dinner at an outdoor restaurant, they had a spectacular view of the setting sun sending streaks of color across the sky over the water which was framed by tall pine trees. What a perfect place to be!


The residents of Sunset Strip at the Neshoba County Fairgrounds helped with Kay Lucas's surprise birthday party at the Fair. Kay was really surprised!

Her husband, Bob Lucas, enlisted the help of several friends and family to make this party a successful surprise. She was persuaded to walk down to the pavilion to listen to the band along with friends while the party was staged in their cabin. As Kay returned from the pavilion and began walking down Sunset Strip, people came out on their porches and began singing "Happy Birthday" as she went down the street!

Of course, no one was singing in the same key or on the same verse at the same time, so it was a happy cacophony of sound that greeted her as she walked. When she reached her cabin, she found friends and family from Newton, Meridian, and Philadelphia all waiting with a birthday party. The cabin porch and the surrounding area were brightly lighted with colorful lights and decorations. Elvis even showed up and entertained wearing his authentic Elvis costume. This is one birthday Kay will remember with pleasure, thanks to her thoughtful husband, family, and friends!


Some of the college students from Philadelphia who are in the process of returning to their campuses to begin another year which, for some, is their last, and others their first year, as well as those who are entering their second and third years. Those students returning to Ole Miss are Sadie Shields, Sarah Mars, Rebecca Prince, Abby Posey and two freshmen, Abe and Fent Mars.

CJ Johnson has already been on campus practicing with the Ole Miss Rebels who are excited to have him recovered from an injury last season and able to play this fall.

Cody Tawater returned to the School of Pharmacy at the University Medical Center in Jackson.

Some of the Mississippi State Bulldogs returning are Tyler Moore, Macy Martin, Meg Thrash, and Ann Cassidy Prince. Hadley Chalmers attends Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colo., where she is majoring in Equine Science. We wish all of those students who are furthering their education the best of luck for a great year wherever they have chosen to attend!


One Philadelphia High School graduate, Molley Bailey, daughter of Laura and Chip Bailey, chose to join The United States Air Force. She will leave on Sept. 9th for basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

After completing basic training, she will enroll in Technology School there and will not return home until February.

According to her mother, Laura, she is basically taking a year off from school.

It sounds as though she will be attending a school with a very rigorous curriculum! Molley plans to attend East Central Community College in the fall of 2015. She has attended drill with some of her cohorts and is acquainted with them, so she will see familiar, friendly faces at Lackland. All of our good wishes go with you, Molley!