Stu Yarbrough's sister, Beth, and his friends, Kim and Chuck McClain, Jean Marshall and Vicky Marshall gave Stu a choice of restaurants for his recent birthday celebration. It was no surprise that he chose Saki Sushi in Meridian as he had initiated a regular "sushi night" with these friends years ago. It was a very happy birthday indeed with a "big boat" of sushi and champagne for all.

We speak of some birthdays as "big ones," usually indicating a change of decades. I don't know how old Kim McClain became on her recent birthday, but I do know that it was a "big one."

It began when her supper club friends, Lisa Posey, Tracy Tinsley, Pam Breland, Debbie Webb, Mitzi Stribling, Allison Willis and Mandy Dees, celebrated Kim and Tracy's birthday with dinner at Lisa's pool house. Friday night, Beth and Stu Yarbrough invited "the sushi bunch," plus Gayle Stanley, to their home for dinner and an evening of Canasta.

Kim shared the day of her birthday, March 12, with her mother, Lynette Moorehead, and Kathy Posey. That evening she, Chuck, Chas and Chelsea had dinner at The Eclipse with Vicky Marshall and Mitch Lowry.

Carl and Michelle McCann joined them for the Lynard Skynard concert at The Arena. Kim's "perfect birthday weekend" ended with a peaceful "mother/daughter spa day" with Chelsea and dinner together on Sunday.

Gayle Stanley who attended Kim's party with the Yarbroughs has wonderful memories of the summers she spent in Philadelphia as a child. "A city child," the daughter of Mittie and Walter King Stanley, who grew up in Memphis, loved the freedom of being "turned loose" in Philadelphia with her cousins, Bob Brantley and Rebecca Brantley McClain.

Gayle's mother, "Aunt Mittie," as she was affectionately called, was a sister to Sonny Brantley and Joe Taylor Brantley.

Gayle moved to California in 1981 and lived in San Francisco and Los Angeles for 30 years, "planning all the time to return to the South."

When she retired from the Walt Disney Corporation in 2010, she drove cross-country with her cat, Dude, "to this wonderful house my mother left me. I love living here where the living is so easy and unhurried, and the people so friendly, even happier. I am in no way settled into my home, but having quick adapted this wonderful Southern culture, I'm in no hurry. I have the rest of my life to finish."

William Howard Cole

June 22, 1923-March 14, 2011

What a difference he made in our lives.

It is never too early for girls to learn the art of shopping. Seventeen-month-old Ellington Connerly is one of fast decisions. Seated in her stroller at Williams Brothers, clutching a pretty little dress in her arms, she said "Bye Bye" to her mother, Lane Connerly, and her grandmother, Susan Jackson, indicating that she was finished shopping.

As a teacher in pre-school class at the First United Methodist Church in Starkville, Lane and Ellington took advantage of spring break and came home for a weekend visit with Susan and Willie.

They were joined by Reagan Jackson who graduated from Mississippi College in May 2010. She is now employed in the Admissions Office at Mississippi College, while doing an internship at Mississippi Technology Alliance. Three-month-old Emerson, the son of Bryant and LeAnna Jackson of Ridgeland, didn't mind missing this "girl shopping trip" at all.

Kayla McCarver and Stephen Bryant were united in holy marriage at the First Baptist Church in Brandon at half past ten in the morning on Saturday, March 12.

Guests were invited to the reception and brunch immediately following the ceremony at the Fairview Inn in Jackson. Kayla is the daughter of Tommy and Terri Cox McCarver of Brandon and the granddaughter of Shirley and Tom Wallace Cox.

Family members in attendance were Tom and Shirley Cox, Ike, Carla, Meagan, Macy and Isaac Martin and Dr. Tommy, LeeAnne and John Bailey Cox.

Other out-of-town friends and family members in attendance were Mrs. John Webb, Oxford; Miss Caroline Talbert, Southaven; Chesla McClain, Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Webb, Troy, Ala; Mr. and Mrs. Kipps Webb, Southaven; Mr. and Mrs. Tim Brantley, Kyle of Columbus and Kalan of MS University; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Perdeye, McComb; Mr. and Mrs. Brent Deweese, and children, Starkville; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Deweese, Eupora; Mr. and Mrs. Dough Clark, and boys; Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Martin, and girls, all of Starkville; Mr. and Mrs. Erin Black, Starkville, and Rolling Fork; Mrs. Katherine Tingle, Mr. and Mrs. Dennie Miller, Mrs. Jo Anne Dunbar, Mrs. Deborah Truesdale, all of Rolling Fork; Mr. and Mrs. Dough Deason and family, Houston, Texas; Steve and Mary Carol and family.

Also represented were Kayla's Mississippi State Delta Gamma sisters from all over the state. Friends from Philadelphia included Frances Marshall, Yvonne Smith, Summer Hines, Rachel Evans, Billie Latting, Kenzie Breazeale, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hardy and Madison, and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Goldman. Mike Hardy served as a groomsman at Terri and Tommy's wedding.

This list of wedding guests was supplied by Kayla's grandmother, Shirley Cox, who offered an advance apology "for anyone I may have left out."