Tyler Moore, Brandy Stokes, Tammy Boyd and Eddie Boyd recently attended a country music concert at the Benjamin Jefferson Civic Center in Birmingham featuring Reba McEntire. Tyler has been to four of Reba's concerts in the past two years, and as this 17-year-old says, "I will be there when she does her first 2010 concert. She just keeps getting better and better!"

What first attracted Tyler to this multi-award winning entertainer? "Her flaming red hair. I just love red hair!" he told me. Tyler's favorite of her many hits? "Fancy," one of the songs she sang at the recent 4 1/2 hour concert which also featured George Strait and Lee Ann Womack.

"We really got our money's worth," Tyler laughed, speaking for the four Reba and George "groupies."

Kay and William Hamill had been looking forward to a grandchild assignment with William Hamill, 8, Evan Hamill, 7, and Jackson Hamill, 4, for some time since Kali asked if they could come. "Well, yes," was their ready answer no matter what the reason, but in this case, Kali teaches school and her work began a few days before the children started. While there, Kay and William attended church with their family where "there are lots of children and lots of Marines," Kay told me. Graham is a lieutenant colonel in the marines and works out of the Pentagon.

They visited the historic Chatham house located on the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg, Va. The home was converted into a hospital during the Battle of Fredericksburg during the Civil War, and shot on location in filming the movie "Gods and Generals."

On the way home, the traveling grandparents stopped in Chattanooga and had lunch with their son, Doug, Julie and Andrew, 6, Stephen, 5, Matthew, 2 1/2 and Jonathan, 11 months. Happy grandparents indeed!

More grandparent news brings big news from Brandon. Keelan Boston, daughter of Dr. Christopher and Meredith Nowell Boston, turned two at a "Pump it Up" party where there was lots of music, jumping and fun going on! Keelan opened her presents sitting in the big pump chair, after which everyone enjoyed Minnie Mouse birthday cake.

Special guests from Philadelphia were BoBo (Sam) and MacMae (June) Nowell and Uncle Greg Jackson. After the party, everyone went to Keelan's house for lunch and playtime on her new swing set. Happy birthday, Keelan!

This news from grandmother and great-grandmother, "Nannie" Inez Peebles. Aimee and nine-month-old Brody Mason came from Baton Rouge last week to visit Bob and Claudette McMichael who have retired on the McMichael homeplace in the Hope community. Brody came over to show "Nannie" how he could walk, having gotten walking lessons pushing great-grandmother's walker around in the Fair cabin during the Fair last summer.

It's always a party when Lucy Hays comes "home." This time her daughter, Jean Marshall, surprised her with a luncheon attended by Rebecca Marshall, Vicky Marshall, Janice Payne and Jim Perry, all from Philadelphia, her daughter, Sara Cumberland from Florence and Frances Patterson of Nanih Waiya.

Lucy is a resident at Briar Hill Nursing Home in Florence.

This news is from Melissa Burnett, director of the Neshoba County Hospital Auxiliary. The annual auxiliary awards banquet was held recently in the Pear View Cafe located at the hospital. A welcome was extended by Buck Bounds. The Rev. Lavelle Woodrick led the

invocation, after which a delicious dinner prepared by the cafeteria staff was enjoyed by everyone. Toby Skinner presented a PowerPoint visual of the volunteers and the items the auxiliary has purchased throughout the year. Each volunteer was awarded a pin representative of the hours they had volunteered during the year, for a cumulative total of 4,447 hours!

Those in attendance were Pat and Lavelle Woodrick, Susan Simmons, Jimmy Nowell, Ginger Clark, Myra Arledge, Margaret Benson, Edith Michalovic, Liz Goldman, Ruby Breazeale, Bettye Simmons, Jeanette Sheppard, Carol Kilpatrick, Lynda Madison, Ruth Carter, Buck Bounds, Jane Hodgins, Laverne Nowell, Jan Williamson and Gail Coats.

Melissa added this note: "We sincerely thank them for all they do! If you are interested in becoming a part of the the auxiliary, please call 601-663-1481. It is a very rewarding opportunity to serve."

An update on the response to Dr. Bill Molpus' ad in The Democrat advertising for a chair to replace the "worn-out" Wal-Mart chair which has served as his "dental chair" on a multitude of dental missions: Stephanie Moore brought a chair to the "try-outs," but the winner is, and will be going with Bill on his dental mission to India the middle of this month, the chair provided by Nancy and David Moody! They must have been shopping at Wal-Mart the same day Bill was 10 years ago, for it is the identical chair! Bill thanks every one of you for your interest and response.

Talking with Ken Lewis on our early-morning neighborhood walking route, he asked that I inform you that an auction will be held Saturday, Oct. 16 at the home of his parents, Nelda and Kenneth Lewis, located at 516 Welch St., Philadelphia. John Stevens of Stevens Auctions in Aberdeen will be handling the sale. You are invited to attend.

I received this timely note from Donna Howard on the eve of the "Marty Party" at the Philadelphia-Neshoba County Arts Council Ellis Theater.

Donna wrote:

What a fun time for a mother and two daughters. It was on Aug. 25 being with a special guy, Marty Stuart.

Donna and her sister, Jackie Matthews celebrated their mother Doris Eubanks' 80th birthday as Marty's guest at the MSU Riley Center in Meridian. Marty is Doris' nephew. Mother and Marty relived old times. Mother asked Marty if he remembered when he came home one time and she Marty and Butch Hodgins went up on Cooper Mountain at midnight and made a fire and music.

Marty's answer was "Oh yes I do!" Merle Haggard performed this same night, but in our eyes Marty was the best.

Another joy was Marty had them to open "Sparkle and Twang" and let us tour it. Mother was so proud to see her father, Levi Stuart's, picture hanging on the wall with all those famous stars.

It was a night we will long remember. We love Marty and are so proud of him.