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You heard it first in Just Among Friends. Hallie Hunter Hillman, daughter of Laura and Brad Hillman of Ridgeland, arrived Thursday, April 29, weighing 9 pounds, 1 ounce and was 19 1/2 inches long. She is the lucky little sister of 2-year-old, Conner Hillman. Excited grandparents are Jan and Kenny Hillman of Philadelphia and Cathy and Larry Accardi of Jackson. Our congratulations to all, including maternal grandmother, Yvonne Smith.


The mockingbird is unquestionably Mississippi's state bird. However, they must feel threatened each year when on a Thursday afternoon each April, the long-legged pink flamingoes wade onto the lawn of Don and Evelyn Perry on Pecan Avenue from unchartered waters.

This year master party-crafters, Mac Burt, Jenny Dabbs, Nancy Hardy and Bill Swinson, created a bamboo tropical island paradise of elegant, carefree pleasure. "There is something about pink plastic that lightens everyone's heart," Evelyn shared their secret discovery with me. And how can Evelyn and her friend and, co-hostess, Alice Hamill Rowe, stage such a perfect party year-after-year?

"We are smart enough to engage the help of the best and most talented party-givers ever," Alice told me, speaking of Mac & Co., mother-and daughter-team Nancy Hardy and Jenny Dabbs and Bill Swinson. "And we could never do it without the help and support of Don and William (Hamill)." Evelyn and Alice both expressed deep appreciation.


Delectable tasty gifts from the sea and delicacies to delight the land-lovers' palate were artfully prepared and served by Philadelphia's wonder, Mac & Co. The hard part came in choosing a dessert from Nancy's cupcake floral garden. Alice's mint tea was among the beverage offerings. She shares the recipe below.

A very special guest was Evelyn's mother, Maedell White. Among the out-of-town guests were Dianne Johnston, Carolyn Gillchrist, Judy Thomas, Alice Brantley, all of Carthage, Kay Ward of Louisville, Gail DeWeese Welsh and Willie Mae Richie Lott of Madison, Billy and Majorie Underwood of Jackson, Debbie McDaniel Webb of Ridgeland, Lynda Rhodes Forbus of Starkville, Jan Jarrell of New Orleans, La., The Rev. Harriet Simmons, Gloria Williams Emmons, Ginger Willis, Shirley Gidden, all of Meridian, Phylis Johnson and Kathy Kvam of Oxford and Lisa Mallett, Pat Hill Madison, Pequita Latimer and Corrine McCormick, all of Brandon.

Mint Tea: Pour 2-3 cups boiling water over 12 regular size tea bags, one cup of sugar and 4-6 large sprigs of mint (stem with leaves.) Allow to steep for 30 minutes and then remove the tea bags. Add 12 ounce frozen orange juice, 12 ounce frozen lemonade, and enough water to make a gallon. Let set overnight, then remove the mint.


Deanne and Robert Cook were married March 15 in a

mountain setting near Chattanooga in the company of their children Bethany, Duncan and Leo Kinney and Nathan, Thomas and Lauren Cook.

They enjoyed several days together in a cabin in Hidden Hollow atop Look-out Mountain. Saturday afternoon, April 17, Vonnie and Mac McCown honored their children, the newly weds, at a wedding reception at the family home, Holly Pond Hill.

Lighted lanterns and "typically Vonnie" bold floral arrangements in galvanized buckets accented with peacock feathers and bamboo, decorated the country home located in a beautiful secluded wooded setting. Judy Mason and Sara Hinkle assisted in entertaining.


My apologies to Jean Griffith. "I don't have a garden," Jean Griffis told me. It was Jean Griffith, not Jean Griffis, who put flowers on the tables at the April meeting of B.A.L.L. Two nice Jeans.


So many good stories have come from the Masters Golf Tournament which takes place in Augusta, Georgia each April. I love the one about how Charles 'Mars' 57 consecutive run of attendance at tournament beginning. He and his wife, Sue Anne, and friends, Sara and Buddy DeWeese, were having dinner at Weidmann's in Meridian one evening in April and the subject of the Masters came up.

"Why don't we go?" The suggestion was affirmed. "We called mother (Margaret, Mrs. Norman) Mars, she agreed to watch David, Laura Lee and Charlene, and we were off," Charles told me. "This was the year that Sam Snead and Ben Hogan were tied at the end of play on Sunday. This was before the days of sudden-death, so we stayed over for the play-off on Monday." Sam Snead won.


Steve Stubbs and Joe Rice Goodwin, high school students at the time, accompanied Charles on his second trip to the Masters. Sue Anne and his aunt, Mary Lee Mars, were with him the next year when they found an application on the windshield of the car for ordering future tickets.

"I ordered six, and have wished every year since that I had gotten 20." Among those who have accompanied Charles to the tournament for the past 57 years have been his children, David Mars, Laura Lee Richardson, and Charlene Blount, and friends, Sonny Steele, Jimmy Rea, Ab Davis Harbour, Gully Yates, Herbert Garrett, Tom DeWeese, Ernie Bowten, Ab DeWeese, Don DeWeese, Ken McKay, Chuck McClain, Bill Dungan, Joe Turner, Randy Russell, Joe Rush Jr. and Sr., Billy Tolbert, Mont Mars, Gaston Barrett, Debbie and Garry Myers, and Rayburn Waddell.

Charles, who now lives at St. Catherine Village in Madison, leads the line dances at The Village every Thursday evening, and he and "a young 89-year-old lady" delight their fellow residents with their tap dancing.

"In my mind's eye, I'll always see you running around on the tennis court," I told Charles, to which an 85-year-old man who embraces life enthusiastically replied, "I'm just happy to be walking!"


We have this latest report on the accomplishments of Sadie Fulton our future Miss Mississippi in-the-making. We have covered this versatile 11-year-old's accomplishments in the fields of music, art and scholastics. Most recently Sadie won first place in State Bible Drill competition held at the First Baptist Church in Clinton, representing First Baptist Church in Carthage.

We extend our congratulations to Sadie, her parents, Mark and Jacqualine Fulton, and grandparents, Don and Jo Fulton, very much in the cheering section.


A lifetime of adjustments have come easily for "my older cousin," Ollie Fay Wood Flint, who recently celebrated her 80th birthday. No big deal that the celebration of her Jan. 13, birthday was delayed until Saturday, April 17 when she had lunch at Lake Tiak OKhata with her children, Dianna and Bill LaCroix, Farris Kemp, Zane Black, LaRose Chandler, Jackie Barrett, Sonya Marcasse, Joyce Phelps and daughter, Diana, and Bill LaCroix.

Attending Memorial Day the first weekend in May at Murphy Creek in Winston County has always been an important event for Fay. This year's visit to the family cemetery came early, following her late birthday celebration. Although definitely not on schedule, we pray that this will be a wonderful year for Fay!