Sara Fox, Katie Kemp, Chris Fulton and Marlene Permenter were recent guests of Sammie and Jimmy Rea in their home on the Reservoir in Jackson. They were joined by Sammie's cousin, Kathlyn Ables. The highlight of the day was the reunion of the Remember Whens . . . with Edna Moore, who is now a resident at the Arbor on Pear Orchard Road in Jackson. Edna's daughter, Laura McDonald, joined them for lunch at Fat Tuesdays.


Mississippi State's baseball team is off to a great 2010 season with three wins over the University of Rhode Island last weekend. The return of Charlie McClain to the games after a long illness and recuperation is the answer to the prayers of his family and friends.

He and Rebecca were weekend guests of Harold and Dot Lewis in their Starkville home off Octok Road. Bill Dungan joined them for the Saturday game.


Toyland! Toyland! Oh, to be a grandmother in Toyland! Alice Rowe enjoyed the role when she accompanied her son, Wes Williams, and his wife, Candace, on a buying trip to New York City. Wes and Candace operate their own toyland in Dallas under the name Toy Maven.

While Wes and Candace shopped the International Toy Market, Alice and her granddaughters, Helen, 11, and Lanie, 9, shared the delights of the magical city. Together, they all enjoyed the Broadway play 'Wicked,' a take-off of the 'Wizard of Oz' which features the scary Wicked Witch of the West.

Alice and the girls attended a production of 'Mary Poppins,' and as only a really good grandmother would do, Alice followed Helen and Lanie through Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. The days ended perfectly with dinner at Little Italy. The next day, Alice, Helen and Lanie toured the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Museum.

Wouldn't you say that was enough excitement for any grandmother? Not so. On her flight from New York to DFW, destination Jackson, the pilot announced, "We have lost an engine (the plane only had two!), take no baggage and prepare to evacuate the plane." Think parachute!

Fortunately, they were able to land safely in Little Rock with fifteen fire trucks lining the runway. And Alice and Helen and Lanie thought the Wicked Witch of the West in the 'Wizard of Oz' was scary!


The first three pews of First United Methodist Church were filled with family and friends of Daniel Maddox Mars when he received infant baptism at the morning worship service Sunday, Feb. 21, Maddox, the son of Adam and Casey Mars, was born Aug. 19, 2009.

Among those present were his parents, his sister Mary Montgomery Mars, his grandparents Pete and Mary Lynn Lewis and Dan and Cheryl Mars, and his paternal great grandparents Mont and Dawn Mars.

Others included were Webb and Tiffany Lewis of Clinton, and William Mars and Carol Marie Brown, Sarah Mars, James, Kim, Abe, Fent, and Mary Lea Mars, Dawn Lea, Jeremy, Hadley and Charlie Chalmers, Miriam Mars and B.J. Morrow, all of Philadelphia.

Following the service, they all enjoyed a long, leisurely lunch together at the Dancing Rabbit, making for a good nap time for Maddox.


Family and friends gathered in the Fellowship Hall of First United Methodist Church Sunday afternoon, Feb. 21, for an "I Love Lucy Day" in honor of Lucy Hays on the occasion of her 90th birthday. The afternoon party was hosted by Lucy's children, Sara Cumberland and Darth Cumberland of Florence, Jean Marshall of Philadelphia, Peggy McMichael and John McMichael of Clinton, and R.B. and Mary Marshall of Biloxi.

Yvonne Smith and Maxine Posey assisted in setting up the appointments for the party while Jim Perry arranged the flowers. Jeanene Porter was a very special guest as she and Lucy have been friends for over sixty years.

Out-of-town guests attending were Freddie Barnett of Newton, Dr. Jeff Cumberland of Florence, Martha Lewis Hailey of Preston, Donnie Hopkins of Clinton, Gwen Smith Maness of Mobile, Ala, Stacey Miremont of Baton Rouge, La., Rebecca Morrow and Rainn of Lynnhaven, Fla., Lori Pierce and Payton of Little Rock, Rob and Cora Roberson of DeKalb, W.L. and Lynn Smith of Little Rock; Linda Bridges, Sue Fortenberry, Bill McCarty III and Paul Vanderberry, all of Jackson; Daisy Smith, Lora Smith, Gary and Judi Sullivan and Jimmy Weathers all of DeKalb.

Local guests were Charlene Clark, L.A. Donald, Rachel Evans, Miriam Hardy, Tony Hardy, Malcolm Hays, Bro. Wayne Hill, Fran Marshall, Rebecca Marshall, Vicky Marshall, Mary Ann McAdory, Jack and Janice Michael, Larry and Charlotte Nicholson, Frances Page, Abby Jim Payne, Janice Payne, Jim and Janet Perry, W.T. and Janine Porter, Maxine Posey, Willie Hays and Creasy Richardson, Richard and Austin Smith, Yvonne Smith, Larry Stribling, Mary Temple, Wanda Waddelll, Dorothy Wallace, Addie Lee White, Hilda Winstead, and Beth Yarbrough.


Sure the calendar has it that Dec. 25 is Christmas, but in truth, Christmas can be any time a family gets together to celebrate their love for each other in the true spirit of the Christmas Season. So it was in the home of Billy and Earlene Peebles at Christmas 2009. Due to the hospitalization of Billy on Christmas Day, the family gathered on Jan. 22, with thankful hearts for Billy's recovery to celebrate Christmas.

Sharing the joy were Billy and Earlene, Martha Lewis, Justin, Cody and Chase Lewis, Mark, Stephanie, Kyle and Maggie Peebles, and Rachel Peebles, all of Philadelphia. Also, Sarah and Ricky Peebles and Erica Peebles of Booneville and Mike, Mitze, Ben and Dan Evans of Starkville.

Billy's family gathered again on Feb. 5, this time to celebrate his 78th birthday. Supper was potluck with Martha Lewis and Mitze Evans preparing two pots of gumbo, while Stephanie Peebles made the crawfish bread. Earlene baked a pound cake and Ricky supplied the toppings.

Happy for the day were Billy and Earlene, Martha Lewis, Cody and Chase Lewis, Mark, Stephanie, Kyle and Maggie Peebles, Ricky and Sarah Peebles, Rachel Peebles, Erica Peebles, and Mitze Evans.


Keyla Seward and Christopher Spankovich of Nashville were in Philadelphia for the weekend visiting Keyla's mother, Gloria Seward, and her grandmother, Betty Seward. Keyla teaches second grade at Shwab Elementary in the Metro Nashville Schools.

Christopher is studying toward his Ph.D in Auditory Physiology at Vanderbilt University. This is the study of hearing loss prevention which includes researching ways to reduce susceptibility to hearing loss through pharmacological methods.


It would have taken more than snow to keep Betty and Barry Irons out of New York since the arrival of their first grandchild on Feb. 9. Adelaide Rose Hobor, the daughter of Jenny Rons and George Hobor, of Clinton, New York, weighed in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces and measured 21 inches long. Addy's Aunt Mary Margaret Irons also braved the snowy flight to welcome her little niece.

Sharing grandparent joy with Betty and Barry are Anna and George Hobor. Great grandparents are Bobbie and John Holley and Helen Stribling. Both Jenny and George are professors at Hamilton College in Clinton.


Here is an interesting little recipe. It was suggested that I share it with you.

Holly Springs


1 pound bacon, cooked crisp and chopped

2 bunches green onions, chopped fine - use only the green part

3/4 cup mayo, Hellman's, of course

A little sprinkle of white pepper.

Combine bacon, onion and mayo. Decrust bread. Put a little mayo on 1 piece of bread and put bacon mixture on the other slice of bread. If you put mayo on both slices of bread the sandwich will be soggy. Make a sandwich and cut into triangles or squares. this make about 7-9 regular sandwiches or 28-32 small sandwiches.

And here is some food for our souls as we move through the Season of Lent as shared by the Reverend Paul Roller at the lenten luncheon in the Family Life Center at First Methodist on Thursday, Feb. 25. Reverend Roller is pastor at Coker's Chapel United Methodist Church in Meridian.

It's Lent again and Lent can be a depressing time, but it's also spring, which is a time in the year when new life begins. We can make it a time for mourning and depression - 1. by dwelling on ourselves instead of Christ. 2. by dwelling on our fasting rather than prayer and reflection on life with God through Christ.

3. by dwelling on our sin rather than God's Grace. 4. by dwelling on our death rather than on Christ's Resurrection. 5. There is greater hope dwelling in God than dwelling on ourselves. How will you spend this Lenten Season?