The GFWC-MFWC Philadelphia Woman's Club monthly meeting was held at Ronnie's Steak and Grill on March 13.

Hostesses were Gail Coats, Mary Marshall, Jo Beth McGilbra and Clara Reynolds. The tables were decorated with small beautiful spring arrangements accented with bee trimmings.

President Pat Mioton led the Pledge of Allegiance after which Clara Reynolds gave thanks for the food and all our other wonderful blessings.

Ladies present were Gail Coats, Joan Copeland, Stacy Cook, Ayla, Elizabeth Frohse, Mary Marshall, Jeanette McNeil, Jo Beth McGilbra, Pat Mioton, Clara Reynolds, Phyllus Robinson, Sue Saxon Barbara Thaggard, Dorothy Thomas, Suanne Williamson, Margaret Thomas and guest speaker Joan Thompson.

Club member Stacy Cook gave a slide presentation of the Neshoba County Nursing Home's garden project that was put into a scrapbook format.

It was entered and won at the state level and is now in Washington, D.C. to be judged nationally. This presentation showed evidence of work that Stacy and Ayla have been doing at the Neshoba County Nursing Home with the support of the Philadelphia Woman's Club.

The nursing home's garden project has been a huge success with participation of the Neshoba County Nursing Home residents, families, friends, Philadelphia Woman's Club and local businesses.

Jeanette McNeil introduced her good friend and guest speaker, Joan Thompson. Mrs. Thompson is a very successful bee keeper from the Hope Community here in Neshoba County. Joan, her husband, Kenneth and her son Johnny are sole owners and operators of Broke T Honey. Joan explained the function and importance of the different kinds of bees - queens, drones, and the workers. She also explained the importance of keeping healthy bees alive and productive.

These insects are so vital that without them, food for human consumption would no longer exist. They are necessary for the pollination of plant foods. Sue Saxon was the lucky winner of the door prize-a jar of the Broke T Honey!

Following the business portion of the meeting, President Pat Mioton declared the club in adjournment until April 10th.