The weather is warming up quite a bit and with the rise in temperatures you've probably noticed the increase in the number of insects. Entomology is the study of insects. Many of the projects in 4-H allow for entomology to be a great companion project. Since insects affect so many things around us, such as plants and animals, it would be a great project to be involved in. Many of you are already enrolled in 4-H projects such as the gardening, forestry, beef, dairy or horse projects. Entomology would be a great companion project to these.

You don't have to travel to exotic countries to see strange and interesting animals that you have never seen before. Your backyard is home to some of the most bizarre and interesting animals on earth, insects. Insects are miniature animals that vary greatly in size, appearance, biology, and behavior, and they are by far the most abundant form of wildlife on the planet. There are more species of insects than all other species of animals and plants combined!

The 4-H Entomology Project provides 4-Hers an opportunity to study and learn about insects. 4-Hers can participate in entomology projects in any or all of three different ways: 1: by making and exhibiting an insect collection, 2: by competing in insect identification contests, and 3: by giving visual presentations about insects and how they affect our lives. Each of these competitions provides 4-Hers with an opportunity to learn about different aspects of entomology. They also help 4-H'ers to acquire skills and experience that will benefit them throughout their life. But the main reason most 4-Hers like to study insects is that entomology is fun!

For more information about the 4-H Entomology Project contact the Department of Entomology at Mississippi State University, 662-325-2085. You can also call the Neshoba County 4-H Office at 601-656-4602.


• March 28 - Rifle and Pistol Practice, 4 p.m., Herring Property near Sandtown Methodist Church and Beason Property in Fork Community.

• March 28 - Neshoba County Cattleman's Association Meeting, 6 p.m., Neshoba Coliseum.

• March 29 - Good Friday (County 4-H Office Closed.)

• April 1 - Calf Show Donor Program Deadline.

• April 1 - Shotgun Practice, 4 p.m., Beason Property in Fork Community.

• April 2 - Archery Practice, 4 p.m., Northside Park Archery Range.

• April 2 - Neshoba County Forestry Association Spring Meeting, 6 p.m., Neshoba Coliseum.

• April 4 - County 4-H Contest Registration Deadline.

• April 4 - Rifle and Pistol Practice, 4 p.m., Herring Property near Sandtown Methodist Church and Beason Property in Fork Community.

Until next week, get into 4-H!