The Miss. All-State Baptist Youth Choir and Orchestra will be in concert in Neshoba County this weekend.

The 116-voice choir and nearly 35-member orchestra will be performing at Antioch Baptist Church in Union on Saturday, June 14 at 6:30 p.m. and First Baptist Church-Philadelphia on Sunday, June 15 at 11 a.m.

Kinsey Goldman, who is serving as a chaperone and is also the Minister of Music at Trinity Baptist Church, has been traveling with the group for 16 years.

"Working with this group is great," he said. "We don't have to worry about a lot of riffraff. The kids are exceptional and are hard-workers."

Six students will be representing Neshoba County in the choir and orchestra: Ben Pace, Amelia Henson, Tyler Greer, Courtney Smith, Kaelin Gentry and Jordan Gray.

Along with Goldman, Aaron Tucker, Morgan Jay and Caleb Jay are serving as chaperones.

"It's a great night of music and people will be really blessed and surprised by what they hear," said Goldman.

Clint Walker said he is excited and humbled to come back and serve as an alumni counselor.

"As a former member, I find this ministry to be a very powerful one that God is in from day one," he said.

This ministry led Walker to want to serve as a minister of music.

Goldman said people should not be expecting a "typical youth choir."

"They don't do youth choir music," Goldman said. "They sing and play difficult literature."

On June 9-11, the choir and orchestra rehearsed for their summer tour at William Carey University.

They will begin their tour by performing at First Baptist Church-Columbia. From there, they will perform at various venues including churches in Gulfport, Carrey and Amory, the Hancock County Jail and an assisted-living home in Jackson.

The choir and orchestra will perform their final concert at First Baptist Church-Jackson on June 23.

First Baptist Philadelphia Minister of Music William Smith said, "There will probably be standing room only like the last time they performed."

Admission to the concerts is free and open to the public.

Slater Murphy is the choral director and is also the Head of the Church Music Department at the Miss. Baptist Convention.

First Baptist Church-Jackson Associate Minister of Music Edd Brashier is serving as the orchestra director.

Miss. All-State Baptist Youth Choir and Orchestra Coordinator is Susan Luttrell.