The Lydian Music Club met Nov. 15 at 6:30 p.m. at Libby Waddell's.

The club president, Cary Eldridge, called the meeting to order, calling for the Club Collect, the minutes of last meeting, the Federation Hymn, the Hymn of the Month, "For the Beauty of the Earth." Each of the Hymns were accompanied at the piano by Nathan Shelton, a 12 year old piano student of Mr. Eldridge. Nathan did a fantastic job.

Carol Kilpatrick presented a book study entitled, "Granny Dan," by Daniel Steel. No one does this more interestingly, or any better than Carol. She's great.

Everyone enjoyed getting o hear Brian Cloys perform at the piano. Brian is the student of Mr. Eldridge. He played "Invention #8" by Bach and a beautiful arrangement of "His Eye is on the Sparrow." What a blessing to hear him play.

The rest of the program was on "American Nurse," club performer was Glenda Richardson who sang "America the Beautiful" and "Heal Our Land." She was accompanied at the piano by Mr. Eldridge. Glenda did a beautiful job.

Present were:

Libby Waddell, Jo Benson, Phoebe Henson, Glenda Richardson, Mr. Eldridge, Carol Kilpatrick, Sue Lewis, Faye Moore, Brian Cloys, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cloys, Nathan Shelton, Raymond and Gloria Cumberland.