Want to earn extra money this summer? The Neshoba County Farmers' Market and Philadelphia Fresh Market at The Depot are two good places to do it. These outlets are for commercial vegetable producers and vendors selling baked and canned foods. We have scheduled a meeting for potential vendors and farmers on Monday, March 10th at 6 p.m. in the Neshoba County Coliseum.

We have been very fortunate to have the Neshoba County Farmers Market here in Neshoba County for many years. We operate every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and average 3-5 vendors each day, with room to accommodate several more vendors. We want to keep these markets going strong, so we are in the process of recruiting potential vendors and farmers to sell at these markets.

We started the Philadelphia Fresh Market at The Depot last summer and it was a huge success. Local consumers can purchase vegetables, baked goods, canned items, etc. to enhance their downtown experience. This market is open every third Saturday in the month starting in June and operating through September. We average 8-10 vendors at this market on any given Saturday, and can accommodate up to 20 vendors in this market.

Now is the time to make plans to participate in these markets for 2014. Our biggest problem is having enough to sell at each market. There is potential for vendors and farmers to make some extra money, if they are willing to work at it, and provide produce and/or baked and canned goods to our consumers. If you know someone who might be interested in marketing their produce or specialty products at these markets, please encourage them to attend this meeting.

If you or someone you know wants to earn some extra cash by selling their baked goods or specialty food items, then consider participating in the Neshoba County Farmer's Market and at Philadelphia Fresh Market at The Depot. We started selling baked goods on Saturday at the Neshoba County Farmers' Market several years ago, and it has grown in popularity each season.

We encouraged these vendors to sell at the Philadelphia Fresh Market The Depot every third Saturday, and by noon most vendors had sold all that they brought for the market that day.

We have some excellent cooks here in the county, and this will be a great opportunity for these cooks to earn some extra cash for their efforts. We want to be able to allow these cooks to sell their cakes, pies, cookies, jams, jellies, honey, etc. at the market. We have scheduled a meeting to explore this possibility on Monday, March 10th at the Neshoba County Coliseum beginning at 6 p.m.

If you know anyone who grows vegetables or bakes great cakes, pies, cookies, canned goods, etc. please encourage them to attend the meeting on March 10th.

For additional information please contact the Neshoba County Extension Service at (601) 656-4602.