Two males are being sought in connection with a burglary and an assault on a homeowner in the Robin Hood Circle neighborhood where two shotguns were stolen early Thursday morning.

Police investigator Shareeka Gray said the incident occurred at 1:45 a.m. when the owner, a 60-year-old white male, reported two masked men broke into his home on Sherwood Drive and assaulted him.

Gray said the homeowner lived alone.

The only description the man was able to provide police was that his assailants were two males believed to be African American.

"He could see the skin around their eyes," Gray said, noting the owner could not remember any other details.

The homeowner was asleep in his bed when he heard someone breaking in from the back door, Gray said.

"Before he was fully awake the two were in his bedroom," she said. "They were hollering and wanting to know where the money was."

After 15-20 minutes inside the home, the two left with two shotguns, a chest of antique coins, a checkbook and a wallet. Some of the items were taken from a gun safe, which they made him unlock, the officer said.

The checkbook was later discovered in a nearby neighbor's yard, believed to have been tossed by the suspects while fleeing the scene.

During the incident the owner was struck twice in the head with an unknown object, once on the side and once on the back.

They also ransacked the home, Gray said.

"The owner is fine," she said. "His nephew from Florida came for him."

Investigators are looking at one suspect in connection with the case, which remains under investigation.

"We have one person we're looking at," Gray said.

The main goal is "to find who did it," even if the stolen items weren't recovered, she said.