Two juveniles have been charged with the recent shooting spree that damaged nearly 40 businesses, homes and vehicles.

Police Chief Grant Myers said his officers and deputies with the Sheriff's Department arrested the two juveniles, 17- and 16-year-old males, shortly after 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

"They were picked up during a traffic stop near one of their residences," Myers said.

The chief said the two have been charged with multiple counts of felony malicious mischief and shooting into a dwelling.

"We believe it started out with shooting road signs and progressed to shooting windows," Myers said.

Myers added that Crimestoppers was instrumental in locating the boys, both of whom reside in the county.

Sheriff Tommy Waddell is happy with the arrest and how the investigation was handled.

"The city and county worked together and put in a lot of man hours on this case," he said. "Working together made the job easier. The Sheriffs and Police departments have a good working relationship."

On Thursday, June 19, reports started to come in of several windows being shot out in the city and around the county.

As of Wednesday, there are 37 known incidents in the city of Philadelphia where windows had been shot out with what appeared to have been a high-powered pellet rifle.