Two Philadelphia men are charged with grand larceny in connection with the theft of several hundred feet of telephone cable.

Jason Reed, 30, of 11470 Road 149, and Billy J. Gordon, 43, of 10281 Road 379, were each charged with one count of grand larceny.

The two are charged with taking over 900 feet of telephone cables along county Road 379, Sheriff Tommy Waddell said.

AT&T reported that the cable had been cut from lines on Nov. 21.

"The vandals climbed the poles and used a bolt cutter to cut the wire," Waddell said. "It put service out in the area for about a week while they made repairs."

The cable, he said, was cut from the poles in sections and then cut into pieces. The insulation was burned off and the leftover copper wire was sold to a scrap dealer outside the county.

"It cost several thousand dollars in repairs," Waddell said, "And they sold it all for less than $100."

The stolen wire was valued at $2.50 a foot, Waddell added, with a total value of over $2,000.

Both Reed and Gordon were arrested at their respective homes by sheriff's deputies who acted on a tip.

"There are possibly more arrests to be made," Waddell said, noting that the case remains under investigation.

The sheriff said that the crime appeared to have been done in one night.

Both men have been released on $20,000 bond and the case will be presented to the grand jury, Waddell said.

If found guilty the men could face up to five years in jail, he said.