Two brothers were indicted last week for the manufacture of marijuana in connection with "one of the most highly sophisticated" drug operations the Sheriff said he had seen in his 30 years in law enforcement.

The indictment was one of 27 handed by by a Neshoba County grand jury on Tuesday, Jan. 7. The jury considered 34 cases and examined 71 witnesses.

Yosmel Leyva-Diaz, 27, and his twin brother, Yosel Leyva-Diaz, 27, were charged with manufacturing marijuana last June when sheriff's deputies searched a house in the North Bend community and seized 191 marijuana plants, some as tall as eight feet, and $1,000 in cash.

The arrests stemmed from a call made to 911 by an unidentified female who told a telecommunicator that she had locked herself in the basement of a house at 15261 Highway 21 north for protection.

Their driver's licenses listed their address as 4232 Highway 35 north, Forest.

However, Yosel Leyva-Diaz purchased the house on Mississippi 21 north about a year ago, Sheriff Tommy Waddell said.

Grant Myers, an investigator with the Sheriff's office at the time of the arrests, said the brothers came to the United States from Cuba in 2002.

"They came to Mississippi about four years ago from Miami," he said.

Sheriff's deputies responded to the residence about 10:17 p.m. expecting a domestic violence case.

While inquiring about the female, the deputies discovered the marijuana plants inside the house and called in the Sheriff and investigators.

Officers found the marijuana plants growing in 20-gallon tubs and five-gallon pots in multiple rooms in the basement and in an upstairs bedroom.

The highly sophisticated operation included high tech lighting, a separate electrical control panel, central air units, a watering system that utilized condensation from the air units along with ventilation and exhaust systems. A carbon monoxide tank was hooked to each air unit.

All the air condition units were on thermostats and the lighting was on timers.

Waddell said the plants ranged in height from 4 to 8 feet.

"They had been pruned so they had bushed out," he said. "In my 30 years of law enforcement, I've never seen this type of operation. The lighting system alone would cost over $10,000."

The marijuana was valued at about $1,800 a pound.

Other indictments processed at press time:

• Dariane Symone Gully, 19, of 303 Martin Luther King Dr., embezzlement.

• Pamela Carol Apperson, 42, of 531 Peeples Ave., five counts uttering forgery.

• Stephen Edward Fulton, 38, of 16631 Road 505, grand larceny.

• Misty Dawn Fulton, 34, of 14561 Highway 21 south, embezzlement.

• Kimberly W. Edwards, 39, of 283 Atkins St., strong arm robbery.

• Travis L. Chamberlin, 31, of 10276 Road 212, and Corderius T. Smith, 24, of 10270 Road 212, grand larceny.

• Thomas G. Sistrunk, 27, of 10120 Road 571, two counts burglary of a dwelling house.

• Joshua Lewis Quintana, 22, of 10421 Road 565, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He was indicted as a habitual offender.

• Sutanga R. Cypress, 32, of 461 East Myrtle St., aggravated assault.

• Sherman E. Billie Sr., 32, of 1128 Golf Course Road, sexual battery.

• Michael Gibson, 36, of 336 Conehatta Road, Union, shooting into an occupied dwelling.

• Kimberly Masha Wilson, 21, of 545 State Ave., three counts of statutory rape.

• Joseph Wayne Robertson, 29, of 10622 Road 761, simple assault on a law officer.

• Albert D. Thompson, 23, of 283 Border St., shoplifting, third or subsequent offense.

• Sharon Lynn Cumberland, 38, of 11481 Road 266, fraudulent sale of scrape.

• Daven Todd Willis, 25, of 498 James Billie Road, statutory rape.

• Chad A. Chadwick, 28, of 155 Ashley Road, Hamburg, Ark., burglary of a motor vehicle.

• Melissa Neese, 41, of 14650 Highway 16 west, embezzlement.

• Tyler Buckley, 25, of 26 Fox Ave., and Jeffery Harrison, 25, of 328 Hendrix St., burglary of a storage building.

• Jennifer Chapman, 38, of 129 Chitto Cove, Walnut Grove, driving under the influence of alcohol, third or subsequent offense.

• Ginger Willis, 33, of 1126 West Ave., Lot A, driving under the influence of alcohol, third or subsequent offense.

• Kilies Kinta Huffman, 36, of 3127 Greenfield Road, Lot 78, Pearl, sale of less than 30 grams of marijuana.

• Misty Dawn Cumberland, 37, of 10953 Road 616, credit card fraud. She was also indicted for burglary of a motor vehicle.

• Eddie Lee Ross III, 29, of 1066 Frog Level Lane #D-38, two counts statutory rape.

The cases were scheduled to be heard in the March term of Circuit Court.