The Neshoba County Board of Supervisors approved hiring requests from several departments during the first meeting of  the Fiscal Year 2020 on Monday.

The board approved the quarterly budget allocation for the Sheriff’s Department. 

In other matters involving the SO, the board approved the implementation of the FY2020 DUI grant and accepted $1,000 from the District Attorney’s pre-trial intervention funds involving two cases. The board also accepted the Mississippi Justice Assistance  Grant. 

A request allowing Josh Burt to work security for the schools was approved.

The board received daily meal log and detailed billing report from the jail. Supervisors also approved the hiring of Michael Jones and Rodney Jones at $9 per hour.

Supervisors approved the hiring of Brian Hardy as a mechanic for the Road Department at $9 per hour. Supervisors also approved change in status for three employees. They received the work order summary from the department for the months of June, July, August and September.

Supervisors made a payment of $101,921 to Magco, and $10,267 to Crowder Engineering and Surveying from the emergency bridge repair fund.

Amy K. Taylor was re-appointed as the Youth Court referee and special master as the salary of $34,000.

Supervisors approved the quarterly budget allocation of $111,485 for the Tax Collector and Assessor’s Office. They also okayed the certified the salary for the tax collector/tax assessor.

Supervisors received a request from the Neshoba County Schools to have work done on the bus service road. They also considered a bus turnaround request.

A supplemental salary of $6,000 was approved for Brian Burns in the District Attorney’s Office.

They approved a travel request to attend the statewide fire coordinator’s meeting on Oct. 8. Hadley Shea Tate was hired for the Emergency Management  office on a part-time basis.

In other matters, supervisors voted to:

• Reimburse Janis Williams $35 for a constable fee;

• Approve the county payroll through September 23 at $212,038;

• Approve the elected officials’ payroll through Oct. 1 at $35,026;

• Approve renovation work to be done in the Justice Court building;            -             • Approve out-of-order claims for projects in several county buildings. That included work by C Spire in the library, $203; Mississippi Power in the Hunter Building, $1,119; Subbelt Fire Apparatus for the new Dixon truck, with payment of $127,103 from the county fire fund and $149,735 from the fire equipment fund.

MaxxSouth did fiber connectivity work in the coliseum, $500; the old jail, $500; IDA, $500; the unit facility, $500; and, the Emergency Operations Center, $500.

Supervisors received the Purchase Clerk’s report for September 2019 and approved the claims docket.