A representative of an anti-tobacco coalition did not get the answer she was looking for when she addressed the Neshoba County Supervisors during their Monday meeting.

Beverly Knox, project director for the Mississippi Tobacco-Free Coalition of Noxubee, Neshoba and Kemper counties, had appeared before supervisors a couple of months back and asked them to consider passing an ordinance that would ban the use of tobacco, smoking and smokeless, in workplaces and public venues. She was on the agenda to see how supervisors stood on the matter

Board President Obbie Riley told Knox the supervisors did not believe there was public support for the ordinance.

Knox stressed the harm that smoking causes not only the smoker but those breathing second-hand smoke. Riley said the supervisors understood the health issues and would seek ways to educate the public. But he added that the support is not there at this time.

Knox offered her services for public education concerning the harm tobacco causes. Riley said her offer was appreciated. She said she would be back at a future date to revisit the matter with supervisors.

“It (the resolution) is a good thing but there is a big gap in the education of public for why to do it,” Riley said. “We sought input from the community. Most understand smoking is not good for you, and that people have the right to breathe fresh air. But people have been smoking and using tobacco for a long time.”

The Philadelphia Board of Aldermen voted down a similar resolution earlier this year.


Moving offices

The election commissioners, whose offices are located in the Neshoba County Coliseum, will be moving back to the Courthouse. They have been in the Coliseum for about a year. Supervisors approved for commissioners to use space in the old Superintendent of Education’s office.

Meanwhile, supervisors approved for the Mississippi State Highway Patrol to move the driver license and testing offices to the Coliseum. They will be using the office space being vacated by the election commissioners.

County Administrator Jeff Mayo explained that the Election Commission move came at the request of the commissioners and the Circuit Clerk’s Office. It will enable the two to work closer together.

And, moving the driver’s testing and license office will save the county $1,000 a month it is now paying for rent at the current location on West Beacon Street. It will also save on utilities.

In other matters, supervisors voted to approve:

• The hiring of Roshell Boyd to work at the jail for $9 per hour. This request was made by Sheriff Tommy Waddell;

• A request for the use of the Neshoba Coliseum by Neshoba Central High School for five dates during April and May. The requests are for April 12 for the FFA banquet; April 27 for the band banquet; May 7 for the Special Recognition Banquet; May 21 for graduation practice; and, May 24 for graduation. The motion passed 5-0.

• The employee payroll ending November 19 totaling $211,285.

• The elected officials' payroll ending Dec. 1, totaling $41,540;

• A claim from Mississippi Power Co. for $811 concerning the Hunter building;

• The Claims Docket for Dec. 3;

• The correction of an entry into the Journal Entry due to a keying error. Fuelman charges of $727 were placed in the correct account;

• Approve the final paperwork and lease purchase agreement for the purchase of a new ambulance. The new ambulance should be in service sometime in early March;

• Accept and put on the minutes the Mississippi Department of Revenue Order approving real and personal property rolls for 2018;

• Reappoint Prentiss Copeland to another five-year term on the East Central Community College Board of Trustees;

• Accept a quote of $20,959 by R.E. Ammon Roofing Co. to replace the roof on the Justice Court Building;

• Approve a request by Tom Nance to cut hay behind the Garan building;

• Approve a service contract with Thomson Reuters for a West Proflex Subscription at $230 per month with a 3 percent increase for a three-year term;

• Approve advertisement of County Resources with The Neshoba Democrat for 2018-2019; and,

• Approve a petition to abandon Branch Drive.