Chris and Larry Strickland at the Square Peg Mini Mall on Main Street.
Chris and Larry Strickland at the Square Peg Mini Mall on Main Street.
After four years of selling vintage and refurbished furniture in the Dixon community, the Strickland family has moved their operation to town and added an interesting twist which they hope will set their burgeoning business apart.

Larry Strickland has run Square Peg for four years with his wife Donna in the Dixon community. They became known for their keen eye in spotting unique vintage furniture and their knack for breathing new life into old, rundown pieces that needed a little bit of paint and attention.

“Me and my wife have always been fond of antique and vintage furniture,” Strickland said. “We were always out hunting for interesting pieces or working on old broken pieces we had found. It just kind of came naturally after I retired to open up shop.”

He and his wife opened Square Peg Mini Mall at 335 W Main St., across from the Co-Op earlier this year and have already expanded to 31 booths as well as a waiting list.

In addition to their own collection of furniture for sale, Square Peg includes an innovative mini mall approach which allows area vendors an opportunity to rent a “booth” to present and sell their wares. As of now they have 21 vendors in 31 booths.

Strickland said their space is full and they have started a waiting list for when new booths become available.

“We have gotten a really good response,” he said. “We always maintained a social media presence out in Dixon so now our following has followed us into town. We are just glad to be here. We are pleased to offer what we think is a unique experience that shows off some of these boutique items.”

Strickland’s son, Chris, has joined the business and said he couldn’t be happier to see how it has grown.

When they decided to move their business to town, Donna Strickland said they wanted a place where everybody can come and shop,  “a little more upscale than a flea market. I think Philadelphia is ready for a mini mall. It is a new adventure. We just hope it goes well. So far we have received positive feedback.”

Our goal is to strive to have a unique shopping experience for people of Philadelphia, her husband said.

Square Peg Mini Mall features eight women and children’s booths, three or four gifts and home decor, three dealers who offer antique, and the Stricklands' painted vintage furniture and home decor, among others.

Larry Strickland has lived with his wife in Neshoba County for about 46 years and spent 38 years with the United States Post Office, ending his career as the local Postmaster.

The Stricklands also have two booths in the Atrium Mini-Mall in Meridian.

For more information on Square Peg Mini Mall call 601-568-5222.