A $129,520 grant to fund a new roof on the Police Department and improvements to correct drainage issues in the basement has been awarded to the city by the state Department of Archives and History.

The grant requires a $32,380 match from the city, said Mayor James A. Young.

"We are trying to deal with water issues in the basement and roof problems at the PD," Young said.

"Hopefully we can address both with this particular process. It's not going to cover everything but hopefully we can at least stabilize the building with the particular grant."

Young said he plans to learn more about the particulars of the grant at a workshop in Jackson on Feb. 21.

"It will be over a month before we find out how we go about processing the grant," he said.

The PD moved into the bulding on Main Street after the Philadelphia Post Office relocated to a new facility on Posey Avenue.

The grant was approved by the Board of Trustees of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History at its December meeting.

It was one of 26 preservation and restoration projects from across the state awarded for a total of $2,980,194.