Sunday was another beautiful Lord's Day, as everyday is. Worship service at most churches in the community went well.

The attendance was a little below average but God was in the midst. Stallo United Methodist Church cancelled their service due to illness and other circumstances beyond their control.

Our special prayer request list for this week includes Ms Elizabeth Moore Lyons.

She was injured in an auto accident recently.

Rev. and Mrs. Berlin Walker are recuperating at their home in Chicago.

There are others who are shut-in from different illnesses so remember all of them in your prayers.

There are several residents in the community who are out-of-town this week so remember them in your prayers as they travel to and from their destinations.

Congratulations go out to Jessie Hudson and Veronica Miller.

They were married on Saturday, March 15, 2014, in Ocean Springs.

Congratulations also go out to Justin Snow and Patience Leach.

They were married on Thursday, March 20,, 2014, in Livingston, Ala.

Justin is the son of Darrell and Susan Snow.

Patience is the daughter of Ms. Angela Godwin.

Happy anniversary wishes go out to Terry and Yachier McBeath.

Their anniversary is today, Wednesday, March 26.

Happy anniversary wishes also go out to Ms. Annie Bell Kelly whose birthday is today, Wednesday, March 26. Happy birthday wishes go out to Addie Kelly on March 27, Reggie Moore, March 28, also to Cecily Kelly and Arthur Wells on March 30.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilie Clyde Moore traveled to Greenville and also to Memphis recently in celebration of his 72nd birthday.

If you are having a birthday this week, "happy birthday" wishes go out to you also.

If you are celebrating an anniversary this week "happy anniversary" wishes also go out to you.

Thought for the week: God's gifts to us are not for us to keep but for us to share with others.

God bless you.

Have a great week.