There are several persons in the community who have been shut-in with colds and other illnesses.

Some have lost loved ones recently.

Remember all of them in your prayers.

Pastor Bernie Hopkins' New Year's message was a message of praise.

He spoke from the subject, "With God's help, We Made it."

His scriptures were Psalm 27:9 and also Psalm 94:17.

His message consisted of many words of thanks to our almighty God as well as many encouraging words as we enter into another year.

Our special prayer request list this week includes Iris Hoskins, Charlsie Moore, Christine Moore, Elizabeth Dupree Moore, J.H. Moore and Thelma Wells.

Our condolences are being offered to the family of Valera Culberson.

Remember this family as well as others who have lost love ones recently.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Mary Kay Hardy whose birthday will be Jan. 10.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Ann Snow on Jan. 11, to Levi Moore Jr. on Jan. 13 and to Andy Lyons and Annette Walker on Jan. 14.

Happy anniversary wishes go out to Paul and Wilma Snow whose 55th wedding anniversary will be Jan. 11.

Congratulations go out to Anthony Moss and Vivian Hopkins.

They were married on Monday, Dec. 31.

Vivian is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Bennie Hopkins.

Remember the couple in your prayers as they begin their new life together.

God bless and have a great week.