Over a half pound of high-grade marijuana was seized last week after sheriff's deputies executed a warrant to search a mobile home in the Hopewell community, resulting in four felony drug arrests.

Charged with possession of over an ounce of marijuana with intent to distribute were:

• Lee Haynes, 57, of 10790 Road 610.

• James Peebles, 55, of 10883 Road 553.

• Charles Junior Burnside, 37, of 417 Coleman St.

• Unden Hardy, 36, of 414 Crockett Ave.

Sheriff Tommy Waddell said his office received information that marijuana was being sold from Peebles' mobile home on Road 553.

"We obtained a search warrant and when we approached the yard we could smell marijuana coming from the house," Waddell said. "Three of them were sitting in a small dining room area when Peebles came to the door."

Investigator Grant Myers said the marijuana had a street value of about $700.

Bonds for the men were set at $15,000 each.