Three men have been charged in connection with a burglary and vandalism, which occurred at a church in the Hope community on Feb.10.

Sheriff Tommy Waddell said the three were charged with doing more than $6,000 in damage during the burglary at Hope Baptist Church where several items were taken.

David Frazier, 26, of 176 Cemetery Road; Michael James Mingo, 25, of 247 Oswald Road; and Skyler Tubby, 18, of 105 Park Place Dr., were each charged with burglary of a church and felony malicious mischief.

Sheriff's investigator Kevin Baysinger said that Tubby and Mingo were initially arrested by a Philadelphia police officer in the parking lot of a Philadelphia business and charged with public drunkenness.

Mingo was also charged with resisting arrest with struggle.

Frazier was arrested earlier.

The three men were charged with taking a computer, mixing board and television from the church. They were also charged with writing on the walls of the sanctuary and pulpit with black spray paint.

Sheriff Waddell said the graffiti included "Satanic" imagery, along with words and letters such as "milkweed," "sue," "13 loco," "krazie," "joker," and "love or hate" which were visible on the walls.

Tubby and Mingo had previously been charged by Choctaw Police with painting "Milkweed" and "Krazie Joker," on the side of a gas station building on the Pearl River Reservation, Baysinger said.

Those are Tubby's nicknames, he said.

The computer and mixing board have been recovered. Authorities are still searching for the television.