A firearm was among the items stolen in one of two burglaries over the weekend that joins a rash of big-ticket items disappearing from utility trailers over the past two weeks across Neshoba County.

Neshoba County Sheriff’s Investigator Josh Burt said other items taken include tools, plumbing supplies, lumber and jewelry. 

The first burglary occurred on Saturday, Aug. 3, off of Highway 19 north in the Arlington community, where a gun and jewelry were stolen.

A report of some stolen tools, plumbing equipment and lumber came in Monday from an apparent robbery on Highway 19 south near the county line.

Burt said the robberies join a rash of lawnmowers, ATVs and utility trailers being taken.

“We are getting slammed all over the county,” Burt said.

As of Tuesday, authorities were looking for five or six lawn mowers, three ATVs and about as many utility trailers that have gone missing in the last two weeks.

Most recently, a utility trailer was stolen from a property off of Highway 21 north near the Bond and North Bend communities.

Burt said the Sheriff’s Department responded to a report of a lawnmower stolen off of County Road 539 at the end of last week and another incident where two lawnmowers were stolen near the Bloomo community.

All the burglaries remain under investigation. Anyone with knowledge is encouraged to contact authorities.