Neshoba County voters gave an overwhelming 71 percent of its vote Tuesday to Republican Mitt Romney in the race for president in uncertified returns.

Romney polled 7,037 votes, over Democrat President Barack Obama who tallied 2,834 votes or 28 percent.

Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party received 23 votes; Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party, 38; Jill Stein, Green Party, 10 and Barbara Dale Washer, Reform Party, 10.

The returns did not include absentee, provisional and emergency ballots, which were not tallied at press time.

Fifty-seven percent of Neshoba County's 17,647 registered voters cast ballots on Tuesday.

During the 2008 Presidential election, Neshoba County voters gave overwhelming support to Republican John McCain who polled 72 percent or 8,209 votes here. Obama received 27 percent of the county's vote in 2008 or 3,114 votes. Five other Presidential candidates polled 79 votes collectively in 2008.

The only locally contested race on the ballot was the District 4 Election Commissioner post.

In that race, incumbent Heather Kennedy was the apparent winner with 1,084 votes or 57 percent over Diane Watkins Kelley who tallied 812 votes.

Johnny Crenshaw was elected to the District 4 position on the county School Board. His opponent, John T. Bates, withdrew from the race after the ballot was already printed, citing a conflict of interest since his wife teaches in the district.

In the U. S. Senate race, Neshoba County voters favored incumbent Republicans Roger F. Wicker with 6,924 votes or 71 percent over Albert N. Gore Jr. (Democrat) who had 2,666 votes; Thomas Cramer (Constitution), 75 votes and Shawn O'Hara (Reform) 114 votes.

Incumbent Republican U. S. Representative Gregg Harper won Neshoba County with 7,733 votes or 85 percent over challenger John 'Luke' Pannell (Reform) who polled 1,341 votes.

Incumbent Supreme Court Justice William L. (Bill) Waller Jr. carried the county with 6,470 votes or 71 percent over Earl S. Banks who received 2,690 votes or 29 percent.