Rep. Scott Bounds will have his eye on several local projects as the 2020 session of the state Legislature got under way last Tuesday.

“This year, we will be looking to get more funding for Marty Stuart’s Congress of Country Music project,” Bounds said. “We’ll be working with MDOT and our Washington delegation to get the Highway 19 four-lane project under way, and to get money to complete it. We’ll have more on that and other local road projects later in the session.”

But whatever gets done, Bounds promised to do his part to keep expenditures within the state’s means.

“A lot of times, it’s not what you pass but what you keep from passing,” Bounds said. “I am working on good state policy and as always, keeping our financial house in order.

“Both the governor and the lieutenant governor campaigned on raising teacher’s salaries to the Southeastern average. That could be a chore to get done. We’ll see if we have to means to do that this year but I think we will move in that direction. We all want well educated workforce.”

Bounds has represented District 44 in the state House of Representatives since 2004. In the last term, he was chairman of the Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. He was also a members of the following committees: Appropriations, Banking and Financial Services, Legislative Budget Committee, Management, Public Health and Human Services, Public Utilities and Revenue and Expenditure General Bills.

Bounds doesn’t know what committees he will serve on this term. He said the committee assignments will be made in the first week or so of the session.