A Philadelphia woman who had her purse stolen out of her vehicle parked in her driveway one night last week says she's learned her lesson.

This week she was praising the swift work of the Philadelphia Police Department in recovering her purse.

"Last Thursday night we had our vehicles broken into in our drive way and if you've ever had things stolen from you then you know how irate it makes you," she said.

Two juveniles and one adult were charged in connection with a series of vehicle burglaries, which occurred over the past week in neighborhoods along Woodland Hills Drive, St. Francis Drive and Airpark Drive.

Keointa Grace, 18, of 1126 West Ave., Lot 2, was charged with three counts of auto burglary.

The juveniles were charged with conspiracy to commit auto burglary.

Chief Myers said more arrests were expected.

Residents along Airpark and St. Francis were asked to be on the lookout for a stolen handgun that might have been dropped in the area during the burglaries.

"I want everyone in the area to be aware of this and to look around their yards for it," he said. "We don't want a child to find it."

Anyone locating the gun should contact the police department at 601-656-2131, he said.

"Over a dozen vehicles were broken into last week," he said. "Officers received a call Sunday night of suspicious subjects in Woodland Hills. I want to commend our officers for doing a good job in locating them."

A variety of items commonly left in vehicles were taken in the burglaries including change, purses, sunglasses, etc., Myers said.

The woman whose purse was recovered thanked the police department.

"Thanks to some citizens in another neighborhood, [Police Chief] Grant Myers and the Philadelphia Police I now have my purse back!" she said.

"I so appreciate all the searching of dumpsters, ditches and everywhere in between that Grant and the police did to find my things. I will never forget your hard work!"

Chief Myers reminded residents to remove any valuables from their vehicles and lock all doors.

"Residents should also be observant of activities in their neighborhoods and report anything suspicious," he said.