Three sentences in the Democrat's social column last week about the arrival of the Manning twins became national news by week's end and grandmother Olivia Williams Manning's hometown newspaper was being credited with a major "scoop."

The lead item in the Democrat's Just Among Friends column that NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning and wife Ashley are the parents of twins went viral on the Internet Friday as national news organization, sports blogs and celebrity web sites picked up on the tidbit - news that apparently had been a well kept secret.

Columnist Rachel Evans reported that the twins, Marshall Williams Manning and Mosley Thompson Manning, were born March 31 in Indianapolis, Ind.

NBC News was among those calling the Democrat

asking to speak to "Rachel Evans."

Mrs. Evans had confirmed the news first-hand with Olivia Manning after some of her Philadelphia sources suggested she call to get the spellings of the names correct.

Several newspapers, radio and television stations called or sent emails to the Democrat to verify that the report was factual and not an April Fools joke.

Stampede Blue, an Indianapolis Colts blog, gave Mrs. Evans credit for breaking the story:

"The news outlet that really broke this story was The Neshoba Democrat, a newspaper from Philadelphia, MS (hometown of Peyton and Eli's mother, Olivia)," the blog said. "So, while sites like RadarOnline and us might be getting the traffic, The Neshoba Democrat deserves the credit for breaking the news."

The Democrat's web traffic more than quadrupled on Friday, said James E. Prince III, editor and publisher of The Neshoba Democrat. "As usual, Rachel was on top of her game and in the know when it mattered."

Following is Mrs. Evans' full report from last week:

"Exciting news from the NFL, times two! Peyton and Ashley Manning are the parents of twins, Marshall Williams Manning and Mosley Thompson Manning, a little football player and a cheerleader, born March 3l, 20ll, in Indianapolis, Ind. They are being welcomed by their cousin, Ava Frances Manning, born March 2l, 20ll, to Eli and Abby Manning."